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How can I permanently partition a monitor into multiple logi

November 25, 2020 at 08:08:40
Specs: Windows 10, i7 9700K
So, I'm running Windows 10. I know about the trick where if I drag a window to the top of my screen, it will split in half and if I drag it to a corner, it will take up the corner 25% of the monitor. Then I can drag the windows to make them the area I want them because I don't want it exactly 50% or whatever. But, I have to do this every day. It would be nice if I could somehow have some program running that would make windows "think" my one monitor is 3 monitors. one wide screen at the top and two normal screens on the bottom side by side. Then I just drag the window into the virtual "monitor" and it expands full screen but only uses up the top corner or the bottom partition. Is there such a program?

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November 26, 2020 at 02:37:53
A few possible:

There are multi screen utilities used in professional tv/av facilities, but I can’t remember what the main, professional utility are called. The above links may nonetheless help you do what you want?

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November 26, 2020 at 09:42:28
Ok, I found a way for this to work. Thanks for the links. But, I ended up using Display Fusion. It did exactly what I wanted. Funny thing is a year ago, I bought a license for this. I've had it installed. I had no idea that it had this feature. So, I feel like Dorothy with the little red slippers. I had the power and the ability the whole time and never knew it.

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November 26, 2020 at 09:48:59
Only problem I have now with that solution is I have 3 monitors. The monitor I would like to split I'm using with a USB Video adapter and I'm also using two PCs using a KVM and the display adapter is split using usb between the two computers. So, everytime I switch between PCs, it has to rediscover that the usb adapter is plugged in because when I was switched away from it, the display adapter was disconnected. So, if I split the monitor I want to split, it doesn't work because the monitor disappears to the computer everytime I switch the KVM. So, I had to split the opposite monitor, which feels backwards to the way I've been working. I would like to put it back the way it was. But, I guess the only way to make that work is to buy a KVM that supports 3 monitors. 2 monitor KVMs are pretty cheap. 3 monitor KVMs jump up substantially in price... so I guess I'm stuck with the way it is now.

You know though, I'm wondering if there's another way to do this. Years ago, I worked at a different company IT department. We had monitors that displayed a whole bunch of stats and health checks we had to keep an eye on. We had those monitors split, not using a program like this... but we would put one window to the left and we had like 6 or 7 windows we always wanted positioned in the same spot if we had to reboot the PC. One of the guys there found some way to run an app that I think it opened the apps you wanted and then moved the windows to the exact position that it was stored.

Now the trick with that though is there were a few different apps so, they could be distinguishable in an app that would auto move them the way we wanted it. In my situation, I'm opening 3 Chrome browser windows everytime. I just want them to open to the same webpage in the same layout everytime. I'm wondering if I could do this somehow the way he did it.

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November 26, 2020 at 13:01:15
Oh, and I did think about swapping the monitors so the left monitor was using a real video card and the right monitor was using the USB adapter, but that won't work well either. I use the USB display adapter on the far left because I find it more comfortable to look at the two right monitors. The two right monitors are controlled by real video cards so they're super responsive. The left USB monitor is a little laggy, but its fine because all I'm doing is displaying 3 browsers with websites. Doesnt take too much horsepower to control a few web browsers that only change every few minutes. If I swapped it to use the USB on the right monitor, then I'd have excellent graphics support for a monitor that doesn't need it and have the laggy monitor for the one I'm working on.... so I guess the only solution is to get a 3 monitor kvm. My work and personal pc both support 3 monitors. The kvm is like $300.

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