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Solved How Can I Fix Error :00C08290: Non-Volatile Variable Storage

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I just have a problem with my windows tablet which kept displaying Error Below:
00C08290: The non-volatile variable storage is about full press F1 to continue or F2 to enter setup.
Of which I kept on pressing and the tablet would boot but over time the error became too annoying and without much knowledge I decided to get rid of it by tweaking some BIOS setting and at last choose the option
Load optimized default
which ended up making my tablet unbootable again and got stuck on the same Error message again.
And the external keyboard stopped responding therefore I can’t use the external keyboard to get rid of the message and load the Os


1 Answer

  1. “The non-volatile variable storage is about full…”
    Says what the problem is, you have too much stored on the tablet and/or too many apps installed.
    If you caught it earlier you could have off loaded your files onto an external drive and/or uninstalled some apps. If you cannot get into the operating system that will not be as easy.
    Others will be by soon who have more experience with these tablets but please let them know the make and model of your tablet and if there were any prior warnings of low space on the device’s memory and what they said.

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