Freshly installed PCI-E sound card causes a Green Scrn flas.

March 23, 2018 at 14:18:43
Specs: Windows 10, 8gb
Weird question. I was tired of using 'onboard' sound so I installed an old 'PCI-E' sound card from "C-Media". For a short time, it was working fine and I had better and louder sound coming from my PC than what the onboard gave me but ever so often, the monitor would turn green for a second and turn right back.

I let it go for a while longer and it just got more often and sometimes the monitor would stay entirely green-filled for longer and eventually, longer.

I assumed that I am having a conflict but I did turn off of the Onboard sound as well as do a fresh install of the new sound drivers by taking off the onboard ones first. I still get the brief 'green screen'. and I am not using anything else.

I am thinking that maybe the C-Media sound card wasn't just cheap but I might have fried it via ESD damage or something but I just never had this problem before.

I have since took out the card and replaced the onboard back on with yet another set of fresh drivers and the computer works fine. Am I doing something wrong or where should I check? I am using a PCI-E GFX card, being an ATI Radeon rx 480 but my education with using PCI-E is from long ago and those spots are almost solely used for GFX cards only.

I also have a 500 watt power supply if that helps. I also know that C-Media isn't exactly a good card but I used it fine before when a Sound Blaster FX was having problems from long ago and it did work fine.

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March 23, 2018 at 20:29:04
Make and model of the computer or motherboard and CPU if custom, will help as well as which and how many PCI-e slots you have.
Assuming it is a 1X type, do you have more than one 1X slot and have you tried any of the others?
Sometimes 16X graphics slots effect one or more of the other slots (sometimes the 8X or 4X slot and sometimes even the 1X slots, depending on how the bandwidth is shared) so try the 1X slot that is the furthest from the graphics 16X slot and see if that helps.

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