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Formatting a DVD+R DL In a NTFS Format

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The disks I am using come in a raw format. When I try to format them the only options I have are for UDF. I want my disk to be in NTFS so i can copy an iso onto it. Is there some way to complete this task?
OS windows 10 home ed
Disks are Verbatim AZO 8x DVD+R DL 8.5 g.
My drive us lightscribe it is a dl burner and the drivers are up to date


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  1. Are you just trying to burn an ISO file to a DVD or (I suspect) are you trying to extract an ISO to a DVD so you can run an operating system from the DVD?

    PS. Lightscribe is a technique used to create text and black & white images to the top of special discs that are lightscribe capable. It is not brand of burner.

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