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Dell Optiplex 9020 No Post, Bios, Boot Menu

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no post, no bios, one boot menu, black screen. but it does go into windows. i tried clearing cmos by pulling battery and moving jumper but bios will still not come up.


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  1. “i tried clearing cmos by pulling battery and moving jumper”

    By doing that, you removed any customized settings. BIOS defaults are never 100% correct, they are merely a starting point. By loading defaults, you probably disabled USB at startup. Borrow a true PS/2 keyboard (not USB with PS/2 adapter), tap the F2 key at startup, then correct the BIOS settings.

    “everytime get into windows my video resolution settings are reset and my mouse goes off the right side of screen into oblivion”

    Since you have a 2nd monitor connected, the display setting is probably set to extend rather than mirror, that would explain why the mouse pointer goes off the screen “into oblivion”.

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