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Solved Dell Inspiron One 2205 Power Light Stays Orange

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Inspiron one 2205 wont power up…..screen. stays black and. blank
It sounds like it’s coming on,, however, cannot see anything…
Looks. Like. Blank screen

Power light is orange

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1 Answer

  1. Check out the reset given in the second link at #2, then the screen as per #3. If it is still the same then responses #1 and #2 (first link) suggest possible items that might need replacing. However, without examining the Inspiron it is difficult to be absolutely certain so it could be expensive just buying things in order to find out. This would need to be weighed against invoking the professional who can look at the unit and should be able to give more concrete guidance.

    Most things can be repaired but it all boils down to cost.

    Always pop back and let us know the outcome – thanks

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