Can I keep Windows 10 unactivated forever?

December 24, 2019 at 09:46:27
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I stole the title of this thread from a thread with a very
similar question.

A couple of years ago I went temporarily insane and bought this
new laptop with Windows 10 on it. I had previously vowed never
to pay any more money to MS, but I needed a computer, and only
thought about the computer, not the maker of the operating system.
So I have this laptop with Windows 10.

I made all sorts of changes to it, guided in part by Black Viper's
website for disabling unneeded services. I never activated it.

To my surprise, at some point I noticed that the info screen said that
Windows was activated. I think that was early this year, and after I
had re-installed Windows a couple of times for various reasons.
The only time I re-installed Windows this year was August 18. After
that, it was no longer marked as being activated. However, Windows
has never once nagged me to activate it, and it is now more than
four months since the installation. Will this continue forever, assuming
(totally without the slightest justifiication) that I don't re-install Windows
again first?

-- Jeff, in Minneapolis

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December 24, 2019 at 11:48:41
Windows 10 doesn't absolutely require activation. Microsoft & the alphabet-spook organizations that they're in bed with (CIA, FBI, NSA, etc) want as many people using at possible, so Microsoft allows usage without activation with only a few minor restrictions, plus the occasional nag to activate.

I recommend that during installation you make sure your laptop or desktop is NOT connected to the internet. Turn off the wireless or unplug the ethernet cable. Then you can bypass the requirement to register to an email address & just setup a local account.

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December 24, 2019 at 15:33:43
Do you feel that windows 10 is not sending data if you have a local account and have turned off all those invasive settings? Also, tweaked some more technical specs in HKEY LOCAL MACHINE, Powershell or especially gpedit.msc, Local Group Policy Editor? Can manual adjustments be changed in the background with updates or no?

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