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Attempting Boot From Hard Drive stalls Windows 10 64Bit

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My workstation BIOS only has the option to boot from CD or Hard Disk.
SSD fitted. Got this boot problem.
Cloned the SSD and replaced it. Same problem intermittently.
If I go into setup and alter something and reboot and play around an put back what I altered the thing seems to boot after 2 or 3 attempts.
I sometimes leave it on Sleep in case my next boot up fails.

Not sure if it helps but disconnecting the external USB drives seems to be part of the mix.

How can I post a screen shot of AOMEI partition assistant.

Previous post from Scott that was never resolved.
I get the following message on boot up:

attempting boot from cd rom

attempting boot from hard drive

It will not move off that screen. I hard shut down and tried 3 more times and the same issue. It only happens on a cold boot. Here is the intersting part that I recently found out. If I unplug the USB connection to the first external hard drive it will then proceed and boot up. This is very bizarre and more of an annoyance if anything, but quite perplexing and would luv to hear thougths on this?

Any thoughts?




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  1. Sometimes boot issues occur because the operating system was installed when more than one drive was plugged in. In cases like this Windows Installer put the boot sector on a different drive than it did the operating system. In other words even if you are careful in choosing the right drive, the installer only listens to you about the operating system and often finds somewhere else to install the boot sector or other system partition that is necessary. Usually the only repair in these cases is to either unplug the other drives and reinstall or unplug the other drives and do a Start Up Repair to the system.
    A good look at Disk Manager (screen shot) should show us this.

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