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ASUS Notebook Mouse And Touchpad Don’t Work

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Can’t use the mouse. The mouse icon does not appear and the touch pad has no effect. When notebook is started, the mouse icon does not appear and cannot access a system to correct the problem


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  1. Try plugging in a USB mouse, if this works, go to Asus web site Support>Downloads>Drivers and download the latest touch pad driver for your system and install it.
    Another thing to try is to remove the power cord, remove the battery (if removable) and press the power button 4 or 5 times, replace the battery and try again. If the battery is not removable then there may be a small hole on the bottom that will indicate a battery cut off symbol that you gently press a straightened paper clip into to disengage the battery, this does basically the same thing and drains out any remaining charge in the capacitors and clears errors from ram and other areas of the motherboard.

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