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Advice On Removing Acer Bloatware Named

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I have a new Acer Aspire which has come with pre installed. is Acer’s digital home-entertainment solution. automatically connects all network devices on your home network and gathers media files from those devices, then categorizes them as Videos, Photos, or Music.

Here’s a bit more about the programme:

“Note: This program has often been considered as bloatware by some users as it is bundled on various manufacturer’s new PCs. (Because this might be considered bloatware does not mean the software is bad or harmful, if you use it regularly its worthwhile to have. However, bloatware typically means the program is optional and was simply pre-installed but is not required and can be removed.) Some quick tips to be aware of:
It is usually licensed for use only on the Acer PC on which it was pre-installed.
It is often time or functionally (lite version) limited for Acer computers.
If you do not use this program you might consider remvoing it as it often consumes system resources, even if not actively being run, adversely affecting system responsiveness.”

I have no need of the programme and I want rid of it but it’s proving impossible to do, apart from any thing else it is also reported as being a resource hog.

All help and suggestions will be gratefully received and acknowledged.



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  1. “Possibly” ccleaner may find and remove redundant registry entries pertaining to it?…

    Install it using custom/manual option – NOT automatic (the proffered default).

    Watch for and uncheck “any” pre checked boxes (other than the one for the utility itself); so as to avoid installing all manner of junk, browser add-ons/changes etc. – most of which a true PIA to eradicate.

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