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March 3, 2010 at 20:21:34
Specs: Windows XP, pentium 4
Hi guys,

So i have been programming with PHP on a Linux server for a long time now and recently took a position at a company that is using a windows server. I have never used windows at all as far as servers go. I am going to be developing a software for a customer service call center. A couple questions come to mind.

1. what are the biggest differences between the two servers.

2. is it the same as using linux as far as FTPin the files and testing

3. where this is a white labeled product I am creating for call centers should I assume that the servers are going to be in house and not reachable by a domain name

These questions are mainly because I am going from developing large scale social networks and ecommerce systems to developing in a different environment that is not even technically on the internet.

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March 4, 2010 at 00:32:35
PHP works good on Windows - some things are quirky though.

For example - sending e-mails from Win32 PHP can be tricky, there's no built in SMTP server for windows - PHP.ini can supposedly take an external one, but when I've tried, it never works... I ended up rolling my own SMTP delivery agent w/ least it works, hehe.

There's some more quirky things that I can't recall now...but you can usually hack around most of them.

Yes, crummy FTP works on windows, unfortunately there's no SSH/SCP, so the only way to securely transfer files to the dumbass Windows box is w/ an IPsec tunnel or FTP/SSL - both of which are a pain in the ass to setup.

All in all - windows sucks for running PHP, but if you must, I'd prefer it over .NET. The file-transfer methods are a joke, and the web 'administration' panels feel like you're playing with a fischer price toy.

Oh, and there's no mod_rewrite, only an ASAPISAIWSIwhatever module that you need to pay for...


And that doesn't make much sense - if you're going to run PHP, do it in Linux. Your company cares about the platform but not the development language?? PHP is made for Linux, .NET is made for Windows. If your server can handle it, just install a VMWare image of your favorite linux distro & run it from there...

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