I am curious about my flash pricing

February 17, 2009 at 04:04:04
Specs: Windows XP
Hey guys, I'm new to this forum and I hope you can help me out.

I'm starting to think that my pricing is a bit off. For the following site I charged the client $1,500. Usually I would charge 3k for a project like that, but since i needed a restaurant job under my portfolio, i gave them a good price.


Basically i am wondering if you guys think that 3k for a job like this is warranted. The site is still not completed, so please use your imaginations :).

I was happy with my pricing but recently i ran across some posts where they were giving quotes from 5k - 25k for relatively simple all flash sites. That got me scratching me head.

Same question with the following site. On this one I've added a "view map" feature that I've always wanted to do, but other then that, this is a much simpler job. I've been content charging anywhere from $1,250 - $1,750 for this type of work.


Again, is my pricing fair, too high, too low? I understand that the pricing is determined based on several criteria. I don't break down my work by hours. For example...I'm two weeks into that first site but three weeks into that second, less intense, site. Considering that i'm putting my name on it, i keep going back and adding/improving things. Sometimes i'm sitting there for 5 hours just messing around with diff button animations trying to make the button actions look better.

Considering that i do not do this for a living, i have the luxury to spend a lot of time on something until i'm happy with it. This is flawed reasoning and i know that. That's probably why i haven't been able to get enough work to do this for a living. Because i don't set a schedule for how long i will work on each job, i am just not very efficient.

After looking at those sites, based on your individual criteria, what would your $ estimates be?

Thank you all very much in advance...i would really appreciate some feedback.

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March 11, 2009 at 08:31:36
Hi, ultimately pricing is determined by what the market will bear--supply and demand. You may have answered your own question in that 1) you know there are companies out there charging more for less sophisticated sites and 2) you charged 50% lower than what you normally charge for the restaurant project out of motivations other than earning money (that you wanted to win the project for your portfolio). Since you say that you have the luxury of not having to do this professionally and that you are not beholden to a set schedule, your lower pricing makes you more competitive on bids against other companies for future projects.

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