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December 1, 2009 at 09:10:56
Specs: WinXP, 1.6GHZ/1GB
Hi all,

There are a lot of companies out there at the moment offering HTML Email Marketing Solutions. I was wondering how hard it is to set one up yourself. My main worry is avoiding spam filters or getting marked as a spammer. How can hard is it and how could I avoid getting on a spam list for just sending lots of email even though they are legitimate and legal that are opt in only.

I know its not really a web development question but the nearest i could get it in to.



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December 2, 2009 at 07:56:03
It's not difficult to do it yourself and there are many ways to send email marketing. Your concern about getting marked as a spammer is an important one. Do you have a marketing opt-in/opt-out and privacy policy? You'll need to make sure that each person on the list of the emails that you send it to has explicitly consented (opted-in) to receiving communications from your company. If you are renting a list, make sure that the list vendor is on the white list and only has opt-in names on its list. You'll want to establish a process where a email recipient can opt-out easily and permanently from your emails. Bear in mind that if you do it yourself, a recipient can always flag you as a spammer. Do you host your own server or are you sharing a hosted server? Bear in mind that if you are sharing a hosted server, other IP addresses on your shared sever may have already been flagged as spammers and thus could reduce the efficacy of your campaign. You'll want to avoid common words that trigger spam filters such as 'free', 'prize' and so on in the content, subject and headers of your email. Some spam filters also check to see if the domain name matches up from the sending server so this is something to consider if you are using an email alias with a different domain name. If the number of opt-in people that you plan to email to is very small (for example, 10 people), you can do this yourself using MS Outlook. Make sure that you do not reveal the addresses of the list to other recipients. For example, if you are using MS Outlook to send out emails, put all the addresses in the 'BCC' rather than 'CC' or 'To' boxes. And make sure that your opt-out link and privacy policy are on the bottom of each email.

Does all this sound complicated? That's why many companies choose to outsource the sending of their email marketing as the burden of all of this rests on the outsourced vendor.

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