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how to write hyperlinks for subfolders

February 21, 2011 at 23:01:40
Specs: XP Prof, Athlon XP 2400+/1.5g
Originally I created a folder in my root directory called articles to put all articles in. Now I have decided to add a folder for each author's articles inside the main folder called articles and the subfolders would have the authors name. My web address is The folder in the root is articles and then inside that is another folder for jack-blackburn, and inside that are the articles, resurrecting-the-body-pt1.html - I wrote the hyperlink as:

Obviously I am doing something wrong as it doesn't work.

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February 21, 2011 at 23:28:39
Does this correctly depict your present directory?
/ (root directory or homepage)

That would mean your article is located at so your hyperlink was a little off. Unfortunately, that page doesn't seem to be right either. Have you made changes since you submitted your query?

Not to be taken harshly, but your website looks like something from the Dot Com Boom era. I think your site would benefit from a Content Management System like WordPress, which you can download from
It's pretty easy to setup, there are plenty of free themes ( that you can fully customize, and you can add widgets or hard-code extended content and tools. After you've got it installed, you can use categories and permalinks to organize the articles automatically. That's assuming your web host has enabled the Apache rewrite_module, which is a pretty fair assumption these days. Using WordPress can certainly make your website easier to manage as you expand, and will also help web crawlers navigate through your site.

P.S. I liked the art piece on your homepage and wish you success on your endeavor.

Apologies if I don't respond to your reply immediately. I don't check this site daily.

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February 22, 2011 at 10:53:55
As you've presented the tree, the only change would be the removal of jack- as I wasn't sure if the hyphen was causing the problem; it wasn't. So its just blackburn now. What's causing it to not work?

Thanks for your thoughts on the website. Short on cash I took a college course in FrontPage 2000 which I use. The instructor who built websites then said to keep it simple for load times per page as most still had dialup and most don't care to wait long load times. I've got fast Internet and I spend a lot of time waiting for those "sophisticated pages to load all their images and bells and whistles and often wait several minutes if not more and every next page on the site goes through the same waiting process. I don't visit those sites, no matter how much value they may have. And they include quite a few Wordpress pages and I can't say they are easier. I will look into it, but my pages load pretty quickly with the exceptions of the those with more art images on them.

From your viewpoint, what is you see that I don't see? I've visted my website from other computers and don't seem to see anything that bad. Everything loads as its set up and so do the images Just asking for perspective.

Thanks for your assistance as always - Sherman

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February 24, 2011 at 15:04:03
I'm not sure why your page isn't showing up. It sounds like you got your directory correct, and I got a 403 Forbidden when trying to access the directories themselves, so I think they're right. I would double-check the file name and extension. Remember, there is a difference between Index.html, index.html and index.htm.

I fully understand being speed conscious with web development. I was on dialup for many years. The best upgrade I could do was to satellite which is still pretty slow even on a clear day. As you're just a beginner developer, you probably should stick with a static website right now and expand when you're comfortable.

A well developed website will load pretty fast, even with all the dynamic content. The number 1 reason for a slow loading web page are advertisements, and the web is loaded with them. If you used a basic WordPress theme, I'm sure it would load just fine for slow connections. I just want you to be aware of alternatives. Having options is always nice.

Another suggestion is to cease using a WYSIWYG editor like Frontpage and code the website yourself. Those sort of programs limit your ability to develop because you're limited with what syntax the program knows. In addition, they often use old or deprecated codes and coding styles. A website can be created in a simple text editor like Notepad. I exclusively use Notepad++ for my web development. It has the bonuses of syntax highlighting, line numbering, and can be fitted with a spellchecker to make development so much easier.
Do not use a word processor like Microsoft Word to code.

W3C Schools is an awesome online tool for learning web development. I reference it almost daily.

Apologies if I don't respond to your reply immediately. I don't check this site daily.

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February 24, 2011 at 15:35:54
Thanks for the reply. I just found a missing hyphen in pt1 and pt2; go figure. Knowing that I had the subfolders in the right place helped me narrow down the issue to the hyperlink.

I noticed my webhost supports WordPress, but not WordPressMU; don't know what the mu version does. My concern would be in how to migrate all the pages. Would I have to rewrite all of them again for WP?

I appreciated the point on old/new code, but have no idea what the differences look like. Since I learn most from seeing, it would help to better understand the issue and motivate me to do the switch.

The advertising loading is a joke and google analytics is becoming a serious issue on a lot of sites I check out. This need to know info is going to be a serious problem in the near future.

Anyway, thanks again as always.


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February 25, 2011 at 00:09:58
So, you got your hyperlink sorted I hope?

The three differences I mentioned:
Index.html is a capitalized file name. Although not required, lowercase files, extensions, variables, etc. are universally accepted among web development languages.
index.html is lowercase, and what you have. If you typed the web address in uppercase, you wouldn't find the file.
index.htm is a different file extension, but also a HTML file. It's just personal preference and makes no difference performance wise which you choose to save the file as. Just make sure your hyperlink is exactly the same as the file and extension you're linking to.

So, Index.html, index.html, and index.htm are all different files and you need to link to them perfectly.

I couldn't agree more about the advertising and visitor analysis, especially Google services like Adsense and Analytics. If you're using Firefox or Chrome as your web browser, you can install an addon called "Adblock Plus" which does an amazing job. You can even set it up to block visitor analysis tools, so hopefully that will speed up your web surfing.
For Firefox:
For Chrome:

There are two important things to know about WordPress:
1.) Download it directly from the developers. This goes for anything a web host offers as "Instant Installations." Hosts often modify the code to disable features or add advertisements. You're much better getting it directly from the source and just use your host to host the files. All you need to run WordPress is for your host to support PHP 4.3 or higher and a MySQL database 4.1.2 or higher. It's likely your host has at least version 5 on both of those requirements. Another good thing to have is the mod_rewrite Apache module enabled. You'll have to ask your host about that. This will allow for "pretty permalinks." It will turn to something like just like you're doing now.
2.) There are a lot websites offering free WP themes, and there's a good chance it will have hidden code to track your site and even backdoor your account. You should stick with the themes offered at:

Migrating all the pages shouldn't be a problem. Writing an article can be done two ways: by using the Rich Text editor which requires little to no HTML experience, or the HTML editor. You should be able to copy the HTML you already wrote over to each new article or page.

Yes, there is a lot to know when it comes to web development, but me and many others like me are here and more than happy to help as best we can free of charge. If you need any help, we're here for you. =)

Apologies if I don't respond to your reply immediately. I don't check this site daily.

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