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February 14, 2010 at 11:37:25
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I have a general question about web design.
I am trying to teach myself the core fields of php, mySql and javascript.

I would like to know where subjects like xhtml, dhtml fit in? I had read somewhere that with javascript, you don't really need dhtml.

Can someone please comment about this?

More specifically, my question is this:

TO achieve the animations, transitions, drop down sub-menus, button roll overs .... is that all possible in javascript alone?

Do I need to learn more than javascript to get the page animations/transitions, etc?

I see some people who work fine with just php/mySql and javascript, and I think I read somewhere that dhtml is not really required if you know javascript.

I just need some advice in general about which technology is the most used, and which can be omitted and where do they all fit in together.

Thanks very much.


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February 14, 2010 at 12:21:38
DHTML is more a category of technologies than a specific one. JavaScript is one element of DHTML.

JavaScript (and some of the built in HTML abilities) are pretty much the only way to make things happen visually on a web page. You'll probably also use CSS and such, but the JavaScipt is what, for example, would allow you to create a slide show.

PHP and MySQL are tow big technologies for the "behind the scenes" stuff. Processing forms, creating dynamic content, etc.

You may also use something like Flash on the client side (instead of JavaScript).

-Ryan Adams

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February 26, 2010 at 08:57:43
Hi, I'd say it would depend on what your goal is for web design. If your goal is to become a website designer, one very quick way to become a website designer is to use a web development tool. Have you considered any? If you learn how to use Dreamweaver and Flash development tools, you can produce animated, dynamic and static sites without ever having to learn html, javascript, actionscript, xhtml nor dhtml. That's the beauty of development tools, it generates the code for you. Learning PHP is a separate issue and very, very useful for creating website forms.

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