Download Pop-Up Where It Just Don't Belong

July 27, 2011 at 12:52:32
Specs: Windows Vista
I recently installed a php job board script. The install and everything
else went just fine.......Until......I click "Update" to update or edit an element of the site.

The problem happens when I'm in the Admin section of the site.
When I click the "Update" button after, say, changing a feature of some sort, I'm not sent to a new page....
The page stays and all that happens is a download pop up appears. Just as if I were trying to download a file.
The contents of that file is the php code for the page I would normally be sent to after clicking "Update".

This is on an Apache Server running PHP - Version: 5.0.45.

Any help would sure help me sleep tonite...

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July 28, 2011 at 20:34:49
Have you tried contacting the developers of this system? What system are you using?

If you're outside the server environment, say C:\server\system\ instead of http://localhost/system/ you would get a prompt to download the PHP file instead of loading it as a web page. It sounds like this doesn't apply because you said you're in the system's admin area, but check that Apache environment is running anyway.

Apologies if I don't respond to your reply immediately. I don't check this site daily, but you're welcome to PM me as a reminder.

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July 28, 2011 at 21:27:36
Hello & thanx for the reply,
The Apache environment is running and everything else seems to be in order,
The pop ups don't show up on every page that I hit "Submit".
Strange as it sounds, it seems to be intermittent.

Another day or so and I'm just gonna pull it and start over....... again.


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