countdown clock that doesn't use local PC clock????

February 7, 2012 at 02:08:24
Specs: Windows XP , 2Ghz/ 2Gb
I am using to display "now" for a radio station my page is : which is doing several things for radio presenters.

I have trawled the net for a similar facility that will tell me the time to the hour.

All I can find seems to be either JavaScript which is using the PC clock (unreliable), or things like which is an IFRAME referencing their website using server-side code - reset every 15 minutes. Which is inaccessible for me to devise any JavaScript to get the actual time. I didn't want to investigate AJAX wheezes because I anticipate latency which is probably variable anyway, given our broadband. I can see how to do it in (say) Excel with VBA, and even sync the local Clock but I suspect latency is a factor. I use Excel as a webbot to get TV schedules. Maybe in VB6 I could do it.

so - any ideas on websites that provide a service like but have a countdown facility?

For various reasons I can't get the PC clocks to stabilise nor sync fast enough to be of usable accuracy. Various sync services block regular updates (eg ever 30 minutes).

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February 21, 2012 at 09:34:10
By some fluke I have a webpage on my site that when run from Excel / VBA it manages to read the contents of an IFRAME from another website/time service.
So I may try to code a countdown that uses the innerHTML.

As far as I can tell (so far) - the code will translate directly into VB6.

Now all I need to do is figure how to force IE to be always on top (from VB) - any ideas? I do it on a VB6 form already so it is the external IE that I would like to be always on top.

Watch this space

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