Changing a web sites's name - How-To?

Jhu / 765
August 18, 2011 at 22:11:02
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I havent done this before and so dont understand how to do it exactly. I need a clean clear advise please.

Heres the situation..............

We have 3 registered domains -, and

1, is now a fully developed web site and being hosted at ISP01's server (Joomla based).
2, has been partly developed site and being hosted at ISP01's server. This has been a suspended project for some months now. But now there is plans to restart the project (I'm thinking its Joomla based, but not sure exactly as this site is currently difficult to successfuly navigate)
3, is currently just a registered domain and not yet into use.

Recently there's a plan by the company's Stakeholders to:

4, Change the name of web site to (maintaining all the sites contents as it is)
5, Change the name of web site to (and upgrade the site content or re-build the content from scratch)
6, Throw away name
7, Also we want to make sure that visitors are directed to the appropriate one of these web sites after the changes are made, because the content of each of these web sites is quite different from each other

Please I want to know the easiest way to accomplish this (especially) without having to rebuild the content web site from scratch as a result of these changes (because this particular site has been fully developed)

Will it be that easy to just rename web site to
If so, HOW?
Or how am I to do this?


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August 24, 2011 at 03:14:34
You should change NameServer address in domain panel!
Good Luck

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August 31, 2011 at 00:59:14
I've done similar changes by using the "web forwarding" feature offered by my DNS provider. You can have any web site answer up as any URL you want. You can also 'cloak' the URL so it looks like the customer is at abc03 when they type in abc03. Note that you'll problably want to change the title and headers so that the URL for abc03 doesn't say "Welcome to" anywhere....

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