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Angular / TypeScript: Customizing maps

January 15, 2021 at 01:17:57
Specs: Windows 10
Hi guys!

I've been trying to implement a map on my site for a few days now but can't get it to work correctly.

I started out with Google maps and couldn't style the map at all, couldn't add overlays or anything so then I tried out leaflet and OpenStreetMap. I managed to add custom map markers and some circles, but once I try to add overlays beyond that it won't work(markers won't show etc).

This is what my map looks like:

How can I add multiple overlays and images that scale to the map like this:

Should I keep going with OpenStreetMap or would you recommend going back to Google maps?

Anyone got some experience with either Leaflet(OpenStreetMap) or Google maps that can give me some pointers?

Thanks for helping!

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