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Shell scripting for date validation

Red hat Linux 7.3 personal
April 7, 2010 at 19:11:05
Specs: Windows 7
hi i need to get a solution for date validation function.
the thing is i have to get the output for previous date from system date and currernt date and future date
. i m using borne shell

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April 8, 2010 at 16:14:43
If you are using RedHat, you can type 'info date' to get info on this.

echo "Using system time:"
echo "5 years ago: $(date +%D --date='5 years ago')"
echo "4 month ago: $(date +%D --date='4 months ago')"
echo "3 weeks ago: $(date +%D --date='3 weeks ago')"
echo " 2 days ago: $(date +%D --date='2 days ago')"
echo " Yesterday: $(date +%D --date='1 days ago')"
echo " Today Date: $(date +%D)"
echo " Tomorrow: $(date +%D --date='1 day')"
echo " In 2 days: $(date +%D --date='2 days')"
echo " In 1 week: $(date +%D --date='1 week')"
echo " In 1 month: $(date +%D --date='1 month')"
echo " In 1 year: $(date +%D --date='1 year')"
echo "1y,2m,3w 4d: $(date +%D --date='1 year 2 months 3 weeks 4 days')"
echo "Using February 27, 2004 as the base date:"
echo " Yesterday: $(date +%D --date="2004-02-27 yesterday")"
echo " Today: $(date +%D --date="2004-02-27")"
echo " Tomorrow: $(date +%D --date="2004-02-27 tomorrow")"
echo " In 2 days: $(date +%D --date="2004-02-27 2 days")"

The output:
Using system time:
5 years ago: 04/07/05
4 month ago: 12/07/09
3 weeks ago: 03/17/10
2 days ago: 04/05/10
Yesterday: 04/06/10
Today Date: 04/07/10
Tomorrow: 04/08/10
In 2 days: 04/09/10
In 1 week: 04/14/10
In 1 month: 05/07/10
In 1 year: 04/07/11
1y,2m,3w 4d: 07/02/11

Using February 27, 2004 as the base date:
Yesterday: 02/26/04
Today: 02/27/04
Tomorrow: 02/28/04
In 2 days: 02/29/04

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April 14, 2010 at 09:50:19
If you are using RedHat...

If he's using RedHat he should be in the "Linux" forum. Excuse me for pointing out the obvious but this IS the Unix forum after all....

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