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Read A File And Creating Variables In Csh

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I need to merge a few files together the problem is that I have so many files that it will takes me week to get all the job done…

In fact, I wrote a script that put in a text file the name of the files that need to be merged.

foreach stn (`cat ../stnlist`)
ls *$stn.* > tmp$stn

Now I need to add to this script a part where it read each line of tmp$stn and give each filenames (lines) a variable (first one = 1, second one = 2,…). I can’t know in advance how many line I have but shouldn’t be more then 10 each time.

The variables will then be put into the following script so I would also need to be able to count the numbers of lines and also put that into a variables to ask the script to merge x number of files.

/usr/local/sac/bin/sac << endsac
r $1
m $2
m $3

w x$1

Hope someone could help me… I’m on my master thesis and I don’t have weeks to do that…


2 Answers

  1. I will leave the file reading and looping to you. This test stub builds two variables – var_1 & var_2:

    # build variable 1
    set x = 1
    set line=”this is line 1″
    set eval var_${x}=”$line”
    echo “var_1 is: ${var_1}”

    # bump the variable counter
    @ x = ($x + 1)

    # build variable 2
    set line=”this is line 2″
    set eval var_${x}=”$line”
    echo “var_2 is: ${var_2}”

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  2. I am not a cshell expert, but this loop reads a file a line at a time and bumps x by 1 for each line in file tmpstn:

    set x = 0
    foreach line (“`cat tmpstn`”)
    # increase line count by 1
    @ x = ($x + 1)
    echo “$line”
    echo $x

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