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adding hard drive to volume group ibm rs6000

September 13, 2010 at 07:28:36
Specs: Unix, PowerPC-604
I'm running an IBM, 7026-H50 with current storage running at 96%. Machine has 4 open slots. I see the smit menu for the volume group but I do not know what all I need to do. Do I need wiped drives or can I wipe and format after I place them? Obviously I need to make sure I don't lose any data, this server runs our companies back office, everything from customer info to orders to inventory.

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September 27, 2010 at 22:34:45
Are you sure you are out of space in your volume group? For example:

lsvg rootvg (or the name of your volume group)

Output from this command will show FREE PPs and USED PPs. If you still have FREE PPs, you can simply expand the file system:

smitty fs

select Add / Change / Show / Delete File Systems
select Enhanced Journaled File Systems
select Change / Show characteristics of an Enhanced Journaled File System

A pick list will appear and the available file systems will be displayed. Simply highlight the one you wish to enlarge and press Enter. I am assuming you are using Enhanced Journaled File Systems since you are on AIX 5.3. If you are not using Enhanced Journaled File Systems, no candidate files system will appear in the pick list. In that case, select Journaled File Systems instead.

The screen will contain:

SIZE of file system
Unit size 512 bytes
Number of units [524288]

In the number of units, simply type [+(number of additional units)]

Press enter

If you are out of space in the volume group, then simply enter:

smitty lvm

select Set Characteristics of a Volume Group
select Add a Physical Volume to a Volume Group

If the drive that you installed previously belonged to another volume group, then you will get a warning that the disk has a PVID. Just go ahead and:

* VOLUME GROUP name [(the volume group you are adding the drive to)]
* PHYSICAL VOLUME names [ press F4 to List available volumes ]

Note: Only physical disks that do not belong to a volume group will get listed. Once the disk is added to the volume group, you can extend the file systems as shown above.

These instructions assume that you are using only the AIX Logical Volume Manager. If you have Veritas or some other volume manager installed, then there is a much different procedure for accomplishing these tasks.

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