Why are you asking me to put best answer beside a bad one?

December 27, 2014 at 19:13:07
Specs: Palm, it's a handheld
My post request was very clear -

>>>>>> I have a Palm Centro and am concerned that the handheld won't last much longer and have to get ready to move to a more modern handheld.
I backup my Palm often and have my "to do" file that can be exported to a "tda" format.
I don't want to send my file to a cloud service as my data is private. Is there software that I can download (or even buy) that will convert a file with a tda extension to something like Excel csv so I can import it to another device?
Help would be appreciated >>>>>>

The answer I received from Phil22 pointed me to a website where I had to upload my data to be converted by a third party - something that I did NOT want to do - something I clearly stated in my requirement. I reiterated this in my response to Phil22. I appreciate Phil22's efforts. Unfortunately, Phil22's answer is inappropriate as I have to turn my data over to a third party to execute the conversion.

Now, Computing.net is sending (I am assuming) automated responses to the activity on my posted request for help asking me to select this inappropriate response from Phil22 as the "best answer".

....Finally - my questions.......

1. Will I continue to be sent emails until I select a "best answer" even though it is not a best answer?
2. If the answer is yes, why are you asking me to put "best answer" beside a bad one?
3. Am I missing something?

Thank you

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December 27, 2014 at 23:21:49
Yes you are missing something --- you are not going to get a TDA file converted without using third-party service or software. It's alright saying you don't want to do that, well okay you'll have to forget about the TDA file altogether.

And my first reply was not inappropriate at all. It addressed you problem. Now, it may have been unacceptable but definitely not inappropriate. You should learn to distinguish between the two.

Good day Sir.

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December 28, 2014 at 04:25:25
Hello Quiggs,

To answer your question regarding best answers, you will not be asked again to mark a best answer. If you feel there is no appropriate best answer, simply do not mark one. The system asks all users who have created threads to mark a best answer, if appropriate. This allows users in the future to make better use of the questions on the forum.

Thank you!

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