Verizon Wireless Customer Service Strikes Again!

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November 5, 2014 at 10:21:27
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Some of you may remember my saga related to trying to get a $100 rebate offer fulfilled by Verizon Wireless.

Long story short (this took over a month to resolve):
- At first I received no paperwork on how to apply for the rebate…I had to call VZW to request it.
- VZW sent me the wrong forms and I had to call them again.
- The VZW Rebate Center rejected my rebate paperwork, saying that I wasn’t eligible.
- No one in VZW’s Customer Service department knew anything about how to fix my issue.
- A VZW CS manager decided to simply credit my account for the $100 instead of chasing down the rebate problem (That was fine with me.)
- The Rebate Center – even though they rejected my paperwork – sent me the $100 rebate a few weeks later. (That was even finer with me!)

Well, the fine folks in the VZW Customer Service Center are at it again. Earlier in this billing cycle I had a need to use my phone as a Mobile Hotspot due to lack of reliable WiFi while I was out of town. I used a lot of the 10 Gb allowed by my plan in just the first few days so I called VZW to see what I should do to prevent overage charges for the month.

The CSR suggested that I wait until a little later in the billing cycle to see how close I was getting to my 10 Gb limit and then “upgrade my plan” and back-date the upgrade to the beginning of the bill cycle if needed. That would be cheaper than paying overage charges. I could then downgrade the plan next month to save money going forward since 10 Gb is more than I usually need. OK, that makes perfect sense. She then added “I see that you are eligible for a 500 Mb promotional allowance. I know it’s not much, but I will add it to your plan as a slight cushion.” The next time I checked my plan, I did indeed have a 10.5 Gb allowance for the month.

Fast forward to last night when I received the following automated Text message from VZW:

“You’ve used about 75% of your 10GB data plan (cycle ends the 21st). To increase your plan by 5GB for $0 more per month, reply YES.”

After a little research, I found that VZW has increased their plan allowance to keep up with the competition. This increase started last month, so the CSR that I spoke to last week should have known about it and offered it to me instead of telling me to “upgrade my plan” to the next level - for $10 more per month - if I got too close to my 10 Gb limit.

End of story (for now): I replied YES to the text and my plan is now set at 15GB for the same price as it was for 10 Gb, therefore I probably won’t have to upgrade my plan before the end of this billing cycle.

How hard is it to get the word out to their CSR’s regarding something major like customers being eligible for a free 50% upgrade in their data plans?

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November 30, 2014 at 19:59:05
It's like how electricity takes the path of least resistance in a circuit. A CSR will do as little as possible until they get the customer off of the line :P.

Even in a book of lies, sometimes you find truth.

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July 28, 2015 at 11:14:57
I really don't like bashing individuals or even entire companies, but Verizon Wireless just makes it so easy that I can't resist. I've detailed a couple of Verizon Wireless incidents in the past. This is just the latest, and by far the worst.

My college age daughter has a phone on my plan. Yesterday we received a separate bill, in her name, for over $500. The account number was not mine, the cell phone number was not hers.

When I called Customer Service they were able to locate a fairly new account under my daughter's name and suspected some type of fraud. They transferred me to their fraud department where "Eric" told me that in order to dispute the charges my daughter had to file a police report saying that her identity had been stolen. She then had to send in the police report and a boatload of documents to prove that she wasn't responsible for the charges. If Verizon determined that the claim was valid, they would disregard the charges. Eric referred me to a website where I could find the proper process.

While I was reviewing the website instructions, there were some steps that I wasn't sure about so I called Verizon back. I wanted to make sure I did everything right so I could get this cleared up as soon as possible. The rep that I got this time, Megan, looked up the account number and then told me this:

"If the previous rep had simply read the notes on the account he would have seen that the account was flagged as fraudulent one day after it was opened. The account has already been closed and the three credit reporting agencies have been informed that your daughter is not responsible for the charges or the contract. She does not have to file a police report or take any other action."

When I asked if Megan if could send me (or my daughter) a document that states this, she said "Certainly". Within minutes I had a official letter from Verizon stating that my daughter was not responsible for any charges related to that account.

If I had not called back with a question, we would have taken a trip to the police department, filed a report and gathered a whole bunch of documents, none of which were needed.

OK, so 30 seconds after I hang up with Megan, I get the robo Customer Service survey call. This call asks you rate the last person you spoke to. It does not give you the option to rate anyone else. Based on the fact that I have received these robo calls while still on hold with Verizon customer service I had no idea if I should rate the last call as Great or as Terrible because I really didn't know who I would be rating. I wanted to slam Eric and praise Megan, but I wasn't given that option.

Instead, I hung up and did something I rarely do: I called Verizon back to file a complaint. I rarely do this mainly because I know that no one is perfect and that we all make mistakes. However, in this case, the fact that Eric didn't even take the first step required to get to the heart of the matter - read the notes - and simply sent us off to the website (and to the police) was to much for me to let go.

I usually subscribe to the 24 hour rule before taking action to give myself a chance to cool down, but I can honestly say that 24 hours later I am still as mad as I was yesterday and would file a complaint today if I hadn't already done so. The rep I talked to was very nice and agreed that Eric could certainly have handled the situation better. She filled out a form with the details of the incident.

As I said, I don't mind praising those that treat me well, and I rarely file formal complaints, but this situation deserves some followup within Verizon.

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September 18, 2015 at 06:30:52
The saga continues:

I now have 2 official documents from 2 different Verizon Wireless departments:

1 - The VZW Fraud Detection department sent my daughter a letter stating that she is not responsible for the charges on the fraudulent account. They have supposedly notified the 3 credit reporting agencies that they should ignore any reports that they receive related to the account.

2 - The VZW Customer Financial Services department sent my daughter a letter "warning" her that if she doesn't pay the outstanding balance on the account ASAP, they will report her to the 3 credit reporting agencies.

After receiving the warning letter, I called the Customer Financial Services department. They told me that only the Fraud department can resolve this. I asked them why the Fraud department and the Customer Financial Services department were not talking to each other. Why is one department telling me to not worry about the bills or the letters while the other department is threatening to ding my daughter's credit report? Why can't this stay internal to Verizon Wireless and leave the credit reporting agencies out of this?

The only thing that Customer Financial Services was willing to do was to transfer me to Fraud. I told them that that won't resolve anything because the Fraud department feels that they have already resolved their side of the issue, telling us "not to worry about any credit agency reports."

This morning I mailed a fully documented, scathing letter to the Customer Financial Services address where the warning letter came from with a copy to the address where my daughter is supposed to send the payment. I detailed the ridiculousness of the situation and threatened to leave Verizon if they do not resolve this matter quickly.

We'll see what happens next.

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