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User review of Budget 27-inch Yamakasi IPS monitor

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August 4, 2012 at 10:19:31
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I figured I'd post this in the "Deals" section, as I guess this is a review, its incredibly cheap but has a lot on offer so I thought it might be helpful for some. I have put images in here so images on. Here is my review on the Yamakasi 2703 IPS monitor:

I have been drooling over the 27" Dell IPS monitors for years now but have never been able to afford or justify the expense of purchasing one, so it's remained a fantasy. Until one day I just typed 27" IPS into ebay and watched what came up. Which to my surprise there were PLENTY of very cheap lovely monitors all of which I was incredibly skeptical about. So I went about googling one and found out that some of these monitors are actually quite good albeit basic and a little risky.

After hours reading, despite my brain screaming no, my body just pressed "Buy it now" and I took the gamble on a $310 Yamakasi 2703 monitor. This monitor wasn't as well known as the Yamakasi "Catleap" monitor but it seemed to have solved the two main issues of the Catleap, which is an incredibly weak and wobbly stand and the need to fully disassemble the screen to get to the VESA mount. Plus the 2703 I was looking at had a tempered glass pane in front of the LCD panel which I liked the idea of.

One thing I read consistently about purchasing these monitors on e-bay is the delivery times were really good and the packaging usually minimal. I ordered mine on a Thursday and received it in just over a week on a Friday in the morning, thank god for that as I couldn't bear waiting any longer and I was just way too excited about it. The fact of the minimal packaging was a litte scary - for example the packaging for my monitor consisted of the postal label..... and thats it.

So the monitors box and the foam inside had to handle the task of protecting it from the South Korean and Australian postal services. The box did look like it had taken some hits, but the monitor was in one peice. *PHEW*.

I pulled everything out of the box which included a really gigantic power brick with a separate and useless Korean power cable, a DVI-D cable, the base and the monitor its self. I put it together and basked in all of its glory, It looked pretty nice and didn't appear to be put together badly at all.

So what do you get for a measily $310? Well the cost savings on this monitor are clearly made by having as little as possible in interface electronics. All the power stuff is in the giant 80's style brick, there is NO OSD which means no on screen adjustments other than basic brightness control and there is only one connection option; and that is DVI-D which is perfectly fine really as this is a PC monitor after all. There are 7 buttons on the bottom right hand edge, one for power, one brightness up and one brightness down, another two make the blue light flash but have no other affect at all and the other two buttons do nothing at all. I did find it very strange though, that all this cost cutting was present but it had a tempered glass pane. None of these cut backs mattered to me though, as this is a display for your PC after all and it only matters if it can make a good picture.

It has a 27" IPS 2560x1440 panel inside which I beleive is manufactured by LG, so it should display a very nice picture. However the panels in these screens have been rated by LG as "A-" panels which is not good enough for most manufacturers but is good enough for these Korean budget brands, which is fair enough. What this means is that you may get a screen with minor discolourations, some dead pixels or if your unlucky a bit of both. In my case though I was lucky and seem to have a screen without any dead pixels, after a quick test on red, green, blue and white screens the only thing I could notice was some very slight discolouration along the bottom edge of the panel which was barely noticeable. Really had I not been aware of the fact that these panels are rated A- I probably wouldnt have ever noticed.

In general use this screen is just fantastic, the display is beautiful and better in every way compared to my old Acer S243HL whos display was dull and washed out. The Blacks are very good compared to the Acers grey and just all round gives a much more enjoyable experience especially with such a high resolution. I'm glad I took the gamble and would probably take it again if I had the need for another one.


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August 7, 2012 at 14:32:28
I've been thinking about getting one of those cheap monitors myself. I've been using a Samsung 1920x1200 VA panel since 2005. While this older panel easily beats the crap Best Buy sells in terms of color accuracy, viewing angles, and black levels, the response time leaves much to be desired--especially when displaying 60p video. I'd love to upgrade to a 6ms S-IPS panel *and* enlarge my workspace to 2560x1440 or even 2560x1600 (there are 30" Korean monitors on ebay--just search 2560x1600). While I'd be paying quite a bit more for a minor bump in vertical resolution, I've always liked the 16:10 aspect ratio for desktop computing. In fact, AR is the main reason I've kept the Samsung for so long. That, and it's CRT-like black level.

Despite being a 16:9 panel, $310 is an insane price for an S-IPS with that resolution. I may have to accept the fact that 16:10 is a dying breed and order one.

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August 7, 2012 at 17:28:46
You can find sellers on e-bay who will charge extra for a "Pixel Perfect" screen. Probably worth the extra $60 they generally charge. There are many other brands available not just the Yamakasi too.


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August 7, 2012 at 17:50:01
And sells the "overclockable" monitors. Imagine that--2560x1440 at 120Hz. Not even the Dell displays can do that.

mATX Beast | LGA2011 i7-3930K @ 4.2GHz | 16GB quad-channel DDR-1866 | GTX 670
240GB SSD+2TB HDD | Asus Rampage IV Gene | Seasonic X560 | Silverstone TJ08-E

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September 18, 2012 at 19:39:28
How much did this cost you?

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