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TWC Ruined My Christmas Gift

June 1, 2010 at 12:44:46
Specs: Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition, 2.8 GHz / 2.0 Gb
Just looking for a place to vent...

One of the Christmas gifts my kids gave me was a DVD recorder so I could copy concerts (mostly) and other stuff from my DVR to DVD.

Time Warner Cable just installed the new Navigator software in our area. One of the features that no longer exists is Copy To VCR.

With that feature you could copy DVR'd programs to the DVD recorder in the background.

Without that feature, you have to hook up the DVD recorder like in the old VCR days and "watch" the program while it gets recorded.

When I say "watch" I mean that you can no longer let the DVR send stuff to the DVD recorder in the background using the extra jacks on the back of the DVR box.

You have to hook it up like in the old days when the VCR could only record whatever was being seen on the TV.

It's just more of a pain than it used to be.

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June 2, 2010 at 03:39:27
Sorry to hear that Derby. I don't really know a lot about Time Warner other than they were my provider several years back for about six months. I was only there temporary. It seemed like almost daily they were changing something. One day I would have to reset my cable box to watch tv (after reset all channels were different) the next day I all of the sudden have the fastest internet on the planet. The day after that I have to reset the modem to get online and lost part of my channel lineup. The next day I have the slowest internet in the world and forty more channels than I paid for. Some days I made out some days I got screwed. We don't have TWC here.

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June 2, 2010 at 05:07:40
Thanks for the support! ;-)

For the most part I like the new Navigator software.

Part of the new fast-forward feature is great, but I wish they had included me in their user testing. They appear to have missed an unintended consequence of this new feature.

In the "old days" when you fast forwarded through a commercial, you had to pay close attention to the screen to see when the show started again. In most cases I could catch it even at the 3X FF speed and then rewind a second or two to the beginning of a segment.

With the new software, they built in the rewind step. If you hit the Play button as soon as the show comes back on, it backs up to end of the last commercial automatically. It works pretty well as long as you don't go too far into the show.

The unintended consequence is that it makes rewinding and fast forwarding within a segment very sloppy. You used to be able to rewind or FF to an exact point and hit Play. The playback would start just about exactly where you hit Play.

Unfortunately, the new software still does it's "commercial time-shift" thing and begins play at a slightly different location. It doesn't go back tot eh beginning of the segment, but Play starts at a different location, depending on whether you've used Rewind or FF, and depending on which speed you used.

It makes it difficult to get to that exact point where you just want to re-hear what the character said or watch the beginning/end of sports play, etc.

All in all, I'd rather be able to pick the exact spot that play will begin over the "automatic" commercial-end feature.

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June 2, 2010 at 09:41:36
I feel for you. The DRM issue could be dealt with without the current restrictions.

My provider (WOW) has an option to send a saved file to VCR. This could be sent to an analog TV tuner card. This meets the DRM requirements because the HD digital file is downgraded to analog. This should be an option with all systems. Apparently, it used to be for your too.

I have another bitch though. I have 3 DVRs in the house and sometimes must resort to recording on two or even three at the same time because of the way TV is scheduled. Seems like the 10PM EDST slot has multiple shows on that I watch.

Anyway, I have sSATA ports on all those DVRs. Unfortunately, they are pretty useless because you can't select where to record to. If I could select I could move the eSATA drive to the TV I want to use to view a show.

This would not violate any DRM rules because the DVR uses encryption so files can't be viewed on a PC.

Yet when you ask about the eSATA port on one in support can tell you much of anything. What I am told is that the recorder will decide where to send the file, depending on how much space is on each drive. That is useless to me because you can only work with TWO streams at once. Watch one and record one or record two.

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June 2, 2010 at 12:48:52
I had considered an external drive for my DVR but learned, as you already know, that the drive would be forever linked to that DVR box.

So while I would retain the HD quality of the concerts, they would have to be played through DVR box which would mean I would lose them if I ever had to replace the DVR.

I opted for the lower quality DVD option, but now they've made that a pain to use.

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June 30, 2010 at 09:32:37
re: My brother has what I think is called a quad runner, basically a four wheel all terrain vehicle.

What does this have to do with Time Warner Cable and their DVR software?

re: I am looking for a good DVD to buy him as a gift.

What does this have to do with Time Warner Cable and their DVR software?

re: Or a wine gift bags...

Oh I get it! You are a spammer.

Wow, you almost fooled me. Nice try.


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June 30, 2010 at 22:11:51
My brother has what I think is called a quad runner, basically a four wheel all terrain vehicle. I am looking for a good DVD to buy him as a gift. I have seen some for sale but would like to know which one is the best. Or a wine gift bags, not sure about this?


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July 1, 2010 at 07:45:27
@ harrddrocker:

Read my Response 6 and take a look at jeffreyfrog's post.

You'll see that wine gift bags is a link.

He's just some idiot spammer that thought he could fool us into thinking that this was a legitimate question.

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July 2, 2010 at 00:20:48
Yeah I noticed that after I posted but still. HUH????

Could have tried to atleast look like a decent response.

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