Social Networking Sites... Good? Bad? Ugly?

April 25, 2009 at 04:53:47
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In the same Vein that Likely has posted in the XP forum, I was curious about peoples thoughts in regard to social networking sites.

Personally I don't like them... but I got stung:

Are they "All that"?

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April 25, 2009 at 05:07:26
Social networking is the main reason why non-tech people buy computers - to interact with one human being anywhere in the world, to find the right partner for life, to kill time and so on and on. The list is endless.

If you google for Social Networking Sites the Good the Bad the Ugly you will get over 200 thousand hits.


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April 25, 2009 at 05:18:51

I like the social networking that provides.

Does it factor into the figures?

I guess it is social networking to a nerdy dergree... but it would be marginal in the google hit count.

As bad as it sounds... there are probably as many horror stories as there are google hits.

There may be as many fairytales also.

I'm just being curious George... Can't help myself :-/

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April 25, 2009 at 05:41:12
Microsoft - the mother of all Windows - described Social networking Web sites like MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, and Windows Live Spaces as services where people use it to connect with others to share information like photos, videos, and personal messages. That is great but as the popularity of these social sites grows, so do the risks of using them. Hackers, spammers, virus writers, identity thieves, and other criminals follow the traffic to prey on & exploit the naives.


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April 25, 2009 at 05:46:21
It seems to me like natural progression.


Going are the days that a simple email will suffice.

I don't know why there is this undying need to share EVERYTHING.

My mood today is.... To hell with it.

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April 25, 2009 at 06:27:47
Way back when I first got into computers, and back when there was no highspeed and only dialup was available, a friend of mine started an ISP.

Because I did work for him, I got a free dialup account.

Shortly after getting on the internet I discovered the IRC's. I got into chatting regularly and spent some time most every evening in a couple chat rooms where I became a regular.

Shortly after, say a year or two after, I met the lady who is now my wife. We chatted online back and forth for the better part of 5 or 6 years and even progressed to phone conversations the last year or two. No, funny people, we didn't "hotchat" or do "phone sex". Point in fact, we never even discussed sex so get your minds out of the, but we did talk about everything else.

We met IRL (in real life) shortly after 9/11. That x'mas, I drove down and spent x'mas with her in North Idaho where she was living at that point in time. The following April we married. We just celebrated our 7th anniversary and are happier than I honestly ever thought possible with regard to relationships and can see no end in sight (excluding of

Anyhow, would one consider the IRC's a "social networking site". I doubt it.

Back in the day, I used to have my own webpage. It contained personal info on me that I wished to shared and had pic's of me, my kid, some friends. At one point in time, it was quite common for people to have their own, similar, personal websites.

The present social networking sites like facebook, are really just an extension of that. I got talked into opening a facebook page by my wife because she has one. She started one to communicate and stay in touch with family in the US. It makes it a LOT easier for us to get pic's of our 7 yr old grandson from his mom. She constantly forgets to burn them to CD and mail it to us.

So I can see advantages, but like anything else on the internet, one has to be careful what they put on their site and who they allow to see it. The sites themselves aren't "bad" per se, but some of the people on them are. But this is true for any part of society out in "the real world". So one must keep their guard up on facebook and myspace, just like you would in the local pub.

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April 25, 2009 at 06:28:58
For what it is worth, Social networking sites does not appeal to me

In some way, these sites c an be dangerous. In 2006, myspace was catapulated into international news following the suicide of a 13 year old girl named Megan Meier. She was not strong enough to ignore all the Cyberbullyings by another Myspace user. If you are interested, read about it HERE.

In addition, Craigslist can be thought of as a social networking site. In that case look HERE for a list of controversies and illegal activities by users beginning in 2006 up to the present case of the Craigslist killer.


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April 25, 2009 at 07:45:36
More substance to the Good, the Bad, & the Ugly of Social Networking ...

If you are working and you call in sick, don't do any Facebook surfing. Otherwise you can get yourself fired.


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April 25, 2009 at 12:25:16
For the most part, social networking is bad. There are a few exceptions:

Flickr is good.
Twitter is ugly.

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April 25, 2009 at 14:44:04
I am now picking myself up off the floor after reading what Curt R posted above. I really got online for the first time in 1998 and ofcourse at that time I had heard all the horror stories about chat rooms so they were the last thing on my to do list. One day I was searching for some information about something and stumbled across Lycos chat. Over the next month I must have used at least a hundred different user names mostly because I couldn't remember my password, didn't know I could use the same password (dummy). Eventually I became a regular in Lycos chat Broken Hearted room. I don't know why. I met a few women in this chat and yeah I was goofing around with all of them but it was just online it was like a game ya know. I talked to several on the phone and it was always clear that this foolishness was just that a game to pass time. I traveled in 98 from here in Florida to Texas to meet with one of these ladies. There was never an intent to develop anything. To me we were just friends that were finally going to meet and that is just what happened. I spent two days with her and her kids and had a great time meeting new people we kept in touch but were just friends.

In the begining of 1999 one of the folks in that chat room organized a chat party up in Pennsylvania this was someone that I did want to " make time with" if you will. So I used my vacation time to go spend a week with her and go to this party. We had people come in from all over the country and Canada and Newzeland. It was a blast. One of the folks that wanted to be there lived in another part of Pa and had no way to get there so I offerd to make the trip to bring her to the party. She was someone I had chatted with but that was about it. Before I could get her to the party I don't know what happend but in my mind I had to do something to be in her life. I still don't know why. She came with a lot of bagage. Four kids a, in the middle of a screwed up divorce, a soon to be ex that thought he was a man as long as he was dealing with a woman but a coward when dealing with me. In his defence though I was 6 foot 260lbs not all fat he was 5' 8" 140lbs not all brain. I moved to Pittsburgh in June of 99 to be with her and her kids. I never wanted to replace their dad and made known from day one. He did everything he could to turn them against himself all on his own.

We got married in Jan. 2002 and moved back here to Florida in Jan 2004. We now have one dauhter married and living in Pittsburgh with one grand child and another on the way, one daughter in the Marines and married with another grand child on the way she just got stationed in North Carolina, one son living with us struggling with work, one daughter living with us that graduated last year and basically just started her first real job.

As much as they all get on my nervs I am proud of them all. Not one step of the way has been easy but it has been fun at times lol.

Not bad for an uneducated redneck who bought a used computer for a $150. I have parlaid it into a family.

I don't dislike the social sites but I find when I try to use them now we are all from different worlds. I guess I am just too old for them now. i don't think they are all bad. You just need to use a little common sence when dealing with people in general anyway. I don't use instant messangers at all on my computer because, I assume due to the way I have it configured, they seem to slow it down and most of the folks we did use them for are people that we really know. I have unlimited long distance if I want to chat I call them. The problem I had with MySpace I am sure was not of their intention. However the problem is there and it was a headache so that site is now banned at this house.

Practice makes perfect but only if you practice perfectly!

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April 29, 2009 at 16:29:51
Topic posted by Justin contains other opinions as well:


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