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There's a lot of things that are ready to turn 5--HTML has already turned 5 proudly, though when it was 4, it still was pretty useful. :) Safari also has turned 5, speaking of browsers. However, there are two more things yet to turn 5--Firefox and iOS. I'd like to give a bit of background here, start the wish list, and start up the questions:

Personally, I believe that very soon iOS and Mac OS X are going to merge. If they do not, the two are going to become very similar cousins--this is already evident with the upcoming release of OS X 10.7 "Lion". With all these features coming to OS X, what can we realistically expect out of iOS 5?

And, when will it be released? My best guess is summer of next year (I hope not--2012! However, this is how the life cycle of iOS is going, and will most likely continue.) The other expectation and rumor floating across the web right now is this fall--which is a 50/50 chance, with both sides confirming a release date by different sources. :) What do you all think? And, where'll iPad 3 be?

OK--back to the main subject. :) It would be cool if since OS X is inheriting backported features from its younger sibling iOS, iOS could as well. It would be neat to have Finder Mobile, or something innovative such as that. I understand it'd be mad to think that Apple would ever reveal the under-the-hood FS, but browsing through apps this way, such as in DiskAid would be a neat idea. What about a *full* mobile iTunes--combining the Music Store and the player, like in the real iTunes? :)

And *here* is the feature I would seriously appreciate Apple's improvement on. It's made me desperate enough to get into the iPod and jailbreak it. VoiceOver has a pathetic sounding OS 9 Victoria sounding voice for English, and something to the likes to Bruce and Agnes for other languages--it is terrible! The voices in OS X--Alex and Vicki, specifically--sounded very human, enjoyable, and like we were in the 21st century! Why'd iOS revert to the synthesis infancy of 9? To top this off, unless you have special software on a Mac or PC, this is near unchangable. Secondly, it's rumored iOS 5 will have extended voice commands! Yes! This honestly was my favorite feature of OS X, and I really hope that they bring it to the iOS, starting with 5. :)

Thirdly, support folders within applications. They get cluttered with documents, notes, etc. and extending the idea of folders outside of Springboard would be excellent. Fourthly, we need the OS X Firewall on iOS 5. The little innocent, mobile iOS is moving out into the real world, and people are going to hack it very soon. It'd be nice to be ensured that you're somewhat safe at least on a minimal level on an iPhone. And lastly, so I don't take away from anyone else's wish list, put Preview on iOS 5! :) It is no fun taking pictures, and having to buy apps, or take it home to do *really* basic edits.

Feel free to add any ideas, tear apart my wish list, or whatever! I think this oughta be fun. :)

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April 14, 2011 at 04:04:54
I could wish that Apple would stop their silliness and let me use my iPad to access any web page. But it isn't going to happen.

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April 14, 2011 at 11:20:28
There you go--bring the complete version of Safari 5 to iOS 5! It bothers me too. Has anyone tried in Mobile Safari? :) Yeah, iOS *needs* a Safari upgrade!

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