Ostrog Enermax Case Rant

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August 21, 2014 at 18:44:45
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Hi all,


I believe that either one of two things are going on here:

Ostrog didn't expect people to actually use some of the available expansion bays, or

The case designers have never taken an IED course in their life.

First, when you try and put a hard drive in one of the bottom most 3.5" bays, the SATA and power cables block off the bottom fan intake. If the mounting holes were a mere 2 mm higher, you would have been able to mount the drives upside down, which would make it so the cables wouldn't obstruct the fan.

Second, you can't actually mount anything in the external 3.5" drive bay. At first, I tried to use it for a hard drive (due to issue one) and when it wouldn't fit properly, I tried to use it to hold an actuall 3.5" card reader, and it wouldn't fit either.

Third, the bottom 5.25" can't be used by anything I've tried in it so far. It has two metal bumps on the very bottom that prevent something from being placed in the bay. I suppose you might be able to fit a very short 5.25" device in it, but I haven't found one yet. I think the bumps are there because the middle 3.5" drive bay is removable.

Fourth, the bottom and middle 3.5" bays are facing opposite directions - one front to back, the other side to side. My PSU only comes with two separate HDD power connectors (with 3 each). This makes it so that I can only use an HDD power cable on one of the 3.5" bay areas, as the cables aren't long enough to reach all the way around. This means that I can't power all of my drives and my CD/DVD drive - thus I had to buy a molex to HDD power converter from Amazon. This also means I'll probably end up wasting an entire molex cable (with 4-5 molex ports each) just to power one DVD drive.

On top of all that, the case didn't come with any 2.5" to 3.5" converters, so I had to buy one of those for $5 too.

So, do you guys have any terrible case stories to share?

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August 22, 2014 at 20:36:25
Newegg has some specs listed for that case. It is listed as a toolless case, which means some sort of rails should have come with it to clip to the drives. Also, the hard drive cage is removable. See the link below.

I don't recommend any bottom PSU case.


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August 23, 2014 at 08:53:25
Yeah, the 'screwless' mounts for the bottom bay aren't like the rails that go on the side of the drive and let you slide it in, they are just plastic pegs that have a locking mechanism, sort of like these:


It does come with a few drive sleds, but they only work on the upper drive bay.

My issue isn't exactly with the drive cage itself, more that when I use the drive bay (put drives in it) it blocks off the bottom fan.


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