Killer Whales - Must the show go on?

March 4, 2010 at 14:12:00
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So it's looking like Seaworld is planning to continue their killer show. I understand the economics of why the show must go on for Seaworld, however one does have to ask, "Is this the right thing to do for those wild animals in captivity? Is it the right thing to do for the trainers who have to risk their lives for the show?" I've seen the killer whale shows before--it is truly amazing and not hokey at all. I do feel sorry for those working animals...they really didn't have a choice nor option for freedom.

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March 4, 2010 at 18:34:49
If people are willing to flock to the show in throngs, why deny those people the entertainment. What happened was quite tragic & unfortunate, but it is not totally unimaginable & the folks who chose that line of work & the management of theme parks in general understand the grave element of danger & risk associated with such ventures.

The irony of all this is: Tilikum is likely going to attract more crowd as a result of the recent misadventure & his notoriety ... the fact that they are already resuming the show implies that they have contingency plans in place for when disasters as such strike.

My heart goes to the trainer -- Dawn Brancheau's -- family. Hopefully, the independent review of the incident will be followed by actions.

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March 4, 2010 at 18:35:11
But releasing the killer whale into the open ocean might be worse for the killer whale if they have been in captivity for too long. You could argue that no future whales should be held in captivity, though. In addition, what happened to that trainer is very tragic, but I doubt that most trainers would want to lose their jobs. I can't speak for them of course(you wouldn't catch me doing that type of job for a million dollars)-but perhaps they feel that what happened was horrible, but very rare.

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March 4, 2010 at 21:14:51
I feel sorry for any animal when man is in the mix; they can't read the rules we try to impose.

When something like this happens, it happens very quickly. A 6 ton animal that can move at 30 mph can cause a lot of damage with very little effort.

I once saw a so called hunter take a couple pot shots at an adult male grizzly from 300 yds. Stupid SOB didn't know he was only 15 seconds away from that animal when it charged him and he was very lucky to be with an experienced guide. At the time, I thought the wrong animal died that morning; still hope that idiot has nightmares though.

That bear couldn't read "the rules" any better than the Orca at Seaworld.

I'm sure the trainer knew the history of that animal and was aware of the risks she was taking in her work.

The animal rights activists say it's all our fault for keeping wild animals in captivity. Zoologists say the animal couldn't survive in the wild. The ignorant say kill it and move on. The comptroller at Seaworld says to protect the investment; the show must go on.

Economics? Yeah. That's probably why the animal wasn't destroyed in 1991. Money is necessary to pay OSHA fines, insurance premiums, out of court settlements, and so forth.


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March 5, 2010 at 10:12:39
picture yourself being stuck in a 8'X8'cell. Would you be a happy camper? Think of that poor mammal. That is not a life.
What one trainer said was that the deceased girl's long braid probably looked like a toy to the couldn't give me any amount of $'s to be in a pool with any fish or animal. They are still beasts.

My condolences to the girl's family on that tragic mishap. I myself think that NO ANIMAL or mammal should be confined in any way for thrill seeking people. They belong in the wild.

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March 5, 2010 at 20:31:48
I remember in the early 70s I think it was Shamoo attacked a trainer. The hole thing was on the news. There was nothing vicious about it and she was really hurt that bad. Even she said just minutes after it happened that he just wanted to keep playing so he kept dragging her by the leg back into the water. He barely left a few marks on her leg even though he could have taken it off. She was back working with him again doing shows in just a few days. These are wild creatures that may seem sweet and tame but they never will be. Maybe this whale never ment to hurt her. Did you ever wrestle with siblings or friends as a kid? Did anyone mean for anyone to get hurt or did you just keep stepping up a little at a time until someone did?

Should the show go on? In my opinion no but that was my opinion before the attack. I don't think god put these creatures here for our amusement!


I want to go like my grandfather did. Peacefully in his sleep. Not screaming at the top of my lungs like the passengers in his car.


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