Just Venting - Dell Cancelled My Order

Dell / Inspiron one 2320
December 16, 2019 at 08:07:27
Specs: Windows 10, I5-9400
I'm just looking for a place to vent. Lucky for you, The Lounge is my choice.

Almost 2 weeks ago I used the Dell website to build an XPS 8930 system. Late on Friday - too late for me to call them back until Monday - I received an email that stated:

"The recent order which was placed for XPS 8930 went on hold due to configuration issues. So, the order needs to be cancelled and reprocessed."

The email said to call them or reply to the email and tell them when they should call me. I did both this morning, calling during the stated hours of operation in the email. I had to leave a voice mail, so I followed up with an email.

I'll be interested to hear what "configuration issues" exist, considering that I chose my configuration based on their website's "Customize & Buy" system. You chose from the available options, the price reflects each selection and once the system build is complete, you pay. It's not like I chose some out of the ordinary, highly sophisticated, highly customized configuration. I simply chose from their options for memory, drives, monitors, etc. In fact, I duplicated the configuration that a friend ordered, a configuration that was shipped to him without any issue about a month ago.

I guess I'm just frustrated because both Amazon and FedEx have screwed up a few of my orders during this time frame, shipping the wrong product and/or missing "guaranteed" delivery dates with very little in the way of updates. I'm still waiting for stuff that should have been delivered last week.

Venting over...for now.

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December 16, 2019 at 13:05:20
Turns out the "configuration issue" was that they were out of stock on the video card that I chose. That put the order "on hold". They now have the same video card in stock, but it has a different part number, so they had to cancel my original order and submit a new order, with my permission of course.

"Sure, go ahead. What is this going to do to my estimated delivery date of 12/26?"

"The delivery date for an order placed today would normally be January 10, but I will give you expedited shipping for free. Your delivery date will be as early as 12/26 but could be as late as 1/3."

(I'm guessing closer to 1/3 than 12/26)

What a PITA.

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