How to send an email to Comcast?

June 10, 2020 at 13:05:05
Specs: several
I am in a building in which everyone gets TV and Internet from
Comcast/Xfinity. Everyone who didn't already have a modem/router
got one, attached to the cable that brings in the TV signal. Our
bill for these services is included in our monthly rent payment,
so Comcast doesn't send me a bill.

A few weeks ago I had a question for them, and spent a lot of
time on their website trying to find out how to contact them.
I finally made a phone call to a St. Paul number that I found
in an old telephone directory, and talked to a human and got a
good, quick answer to my question.

In the midst of that, I set up an email account with Comcast,
since they offer it as part of their deal.

I now have another question for Comcast. I'd like to send it to
them in email this time, if I can. I could use my new Comcast
email address or my old one-- that doesn't matter. I just can't
find an email address to send my question to. Can you?

Here's the question I want to ask. If you can answer it, great!

WiFi indicator lights on TG1682

The user guide for the Arris/Xfinity Telephony Gateway TG1682
shows that after startup is complete, the WiFi indicator lights
are on when WiFi is enabled, off when WiFi is disabled, and
flash when there is computer activity. I used the Internet
Gateway Admin Tool to disable both WiFi bands and the public
access point, but both WiFi lights are flashing, at one flash
every 1.5 seconds.

Is the guide wrong, or does the flashing mean something that
the guide doesn't explain?

-- Jeff, in Minneapolis

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