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February 17, 2012 at 07:20:22
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Hi all,

This week's poll question is about news that Archos is going to release a low-cost tablet to compete with the Kindle Fire. Discuss here if you think Apple will soon start feeling the pressure to create a low-cost iPad, and, if you like, the poll results themselves.


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February 17, 2012 at 12:40:30
This one is cheaper

Will competition force Apple to offer a lower cost iPad? NOPE
Apple customers are blind and deaf, they don't want to be treated.
My forecast is Ipad 3 will crash low cost tablets

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February 17, 2012 at 14:00:00
I agree with kuwese. Apple folks are convinced that the i pad is somehow superior over run of the mill devices. They don't have to be very competitive, they're Apple. It's a cult and a herd consciousness.

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February 17, 2012 at 23:01:03
I'll second that, BUT, I myself refuse to buy an Apple Product...the generics are just as good if not better!

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February 17, 2012 at 23:53:22
It's like the iphone. There are cheaper android handsets out there but the iphone does things in a way that users like and the ipad is the same - what it does, it does very well. And as long as Apple take previous version omissions seriously they will still be able to charge a hefty premium for their products - even more so if they keep winning patent battles over basic things like the 'swipe to open' one.

And no, I do not own any Apple products myself.

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February 20, 2012 at 06:52:45
Discuss here if you think Apple will soon start feeling the pressure to create a low-cost iPad
Apple has no qualms about charging twice as much for their PCs and laptops. What makes anyone think they'll change their established pricing policy for tablets when they're still the most popular option out there?

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February 20, 2012 at 19:19:20
Personally in some ways I don't get it but I guess I do. Greed is powerful and I guess keeping ones head in the sand is as well. I have never owned an apple product unless you count the stack of macs in my shed left behind by those that decided it was cheaper to just go buy a dell from walmart than fix what they had.

I guess I could see paying the extra cost if their product does what you want, is reliable, and no one elses does or is and is cheaper. I haven't found that to be true yet but maybe one day I will.

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February 22, 2012 at 14:03:42
Daughter #1 wanted a MacBook Pro when she left for college. The request was based on the responses she got when she contacted the department for the major she's in, as well as a few current students. She was unequivocally told that they were a "Mac shop" and most the applications (and support) were geared towards the Mac.

Since Grandpa was buying, who was I to argue?

When Daughter # 2 was going off to college, the same questions were asked of her department and they said it didn't matter. However, after having used Daughter # 1's Mac whenever she was home, Daughter # 2 decided she wanted a MacBook Pro also.

Since Grandpa was buying, who was I to argue?

Daughter #1 & #2 were home for the Christmas holiday and both the wife and I (Windows Desktop users) had a chance to use their Macs quite often. There was a bit of learning curve, but we eventually got very comfortable wih them.

So, Daughter # 1 goes off to London to study abroad. Daughter # 2 is home for another 2 weeks and we used her Mac to Skype with Daughter # 1 almost every night, as well as for a number of other tasks. Our desktops got very little use during this time.

Well, Daughter # 2 goes back to school and suddenly we were without a laptop. Since Skypeing from a desktop is restrictive, especially for my wife who liked to put the Mac on the kitchen counter while she was making dinner, I decided that we needed a laptop.

Since Grandpa wasn't buying, a MacBook Pro was out of the question.

I bought a Windows 7 laptop and while I don't hate it, I sure do miss the Mac. So does my wife. The mouse pad is much easier to use, the various finger-swipe options make accessing applications very easy, it never hangs up, it doesn't make me wait while it installs updates almost every day, it wakes up instantly when I open it, etc.

Yes, there are some features of the Mac that I find annoying, but for the most part, after being a PC user since the very first IBM Personal Computers were introduced, I would switch to a Mac in an instant. The wife wants an iPad and I'm saving up for one as we speak.

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