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August 23, 2018 at 05:31:03
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Hi all,

This week's poll question is about news that Arianna Huffington has been telling Elon Musk to not work so hard. Discuss here if you think the Tesla chief is over working himself, and, if you like, the poll results themselves.


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August 23, 2018 at 06:09:10
Yes he is probably working too hard (what facts do i have), but he can't just take a break in his position.

Just like my father did to save his company, just retired after he felt like the company reached calm water.
9,5 years of economical downfall in his sector, I feel like if he did not have the mental stability & physical strength, he would have spiralled down into a burned out depression.

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August 23, 2018 at 08:06:24
He claims he works 120 hours per week. That's over 17 hours per day x 7 days. He also claims he hasn't had a break since 2001 & that was only because he had malaria, plus needs Ambien to sleep. Some of his odd tweets are said to be due to his use of Ambien, much like Roseanne has claimed. But so far, his tweets haven't been racist, lol.


BTW, I think we need an additional option in these polls to go along with Yes, No, & I don't know. How about "I don't care"? Or "I couldn't care less"? :-)

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August 23, 2018 at 19:01:13
Sorry, but working 50-60 hours per week myself (with two hours driving per day) makes me pretty da*n unsympathetic to this (and I'm sure I'm making far less than he does). As riider states, we need that "Couldn't care less" option in the responses.

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August 26, 2018 at 02:48:33
Most of Elon's time is spent counting his Money!

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