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October 4, 2014 at 14:57:40
Specs: Win 7
I previously allowed download of temporary fonts. I just did a clean re-install of Windows 7, after which I changed the Internet Options setting to prompt for font download. I see now that when I come to these pages, I am prompted to download a temporary font.

If I allow the font to download, will it remain on my computer so that it won't have to download again?

If not, can I manually add it to my Fonts folder so that it won't have to download again?

Do you know where the font is used? Everything looks fine without it.

-- Jeff, in Minneapolis

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October 5, 2014 at 07:36:13
Temporary fonts are required because you don't have a suitable font installed on your system.

When you re-installed Windows you no longer have the same collection of fonts installed, this is probably because you haven't re-installed some software that includes a collection of fonts (eg Microsoft Word), so you only have the basic set that's included with Windows.

A temporary font is just that, temporary, it will not be available next time you start Windows. So those same web pages will still nag you about a temporary font being required. You can't install a temporary font because you need the font file to do that.

If you were not being prompted about temporary fonts in your previous Windows 7 installation, make sure you install all the same word processor applications that you had previously. This will add more fonts to your system.

If web pages look fine without temporary fonts, disable font downloads in Internet Options or use a different web browser. Google Chrome has never prompted me about fonts and I've been using it for seven years.

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October 5, 2014 at 10:38:23

No. The reason I wasn't being prompted before is that I had the setting for "Font download" in the Internet Zone at "Enable", which is the default setting. After re-installing Windows, and before going online, I changed the setting to "Prompt". I did that so I could see which websites want to download temporary fonts.

At some point -- probably today -- I'll allow the font(s) to download, then maybe I'll see where it/they is/are used. Maybe. I'd like to know ahead of time so I'll know what to look for. The difference could be so subtle that I wouldn't notice it otherwise. Or it could be on some part of the screen that doesn't matter to me, such as the header.

I expect that the downloaded font(s) make a real difference in some cases but not in others. Before I turn off font downloads I want to find out if that is a good idea or not.

I don't think I have ever had any fonts on this computer that weren't included with Windows 7 or downloaded automatically without my knowledge (except for seeing "Downloading font" in the browser status bar). If the same font is available from other sources, though, then obviously I *can* install the temporary font. And obviously, once the web page dowloads a font automatically, I have the font file.

The solution might be to allow the font to download, then go into the Temporary Internet Files folder and find it (maybe in "Objects" rather than "Files") and copy it to my Fonts folder.

Unfortunately, I'm currently still unable to view most files in my Internet Fonts folder, as I explained in another thread several days ago. I could use Ubuntu to do it, but I still hope someone can tell me how to get Windows to do it. I think the problem is most likely caused by moving the Temporary Internet Files folder to a different logical drive. It works fine in all other ways.

-- Jeff, in Minneapolis

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October 5, 2014 at 13:04:49
I just opened the Windows 7 forum home page without
allowing the font download, then opened the page again
in a second window, allowing font download and watching
the first page. No visible change in the first page. The only
change I see in the second page is in the header, where it
says " by tom'sGUIDE". The "I" in "GUIDE"
is replaced by a double-headed vertical arrow. Without the
font, it just says "C by TG" in a slightly smaller, lighter font.

Every single time the page is downloaded or even just
refreshed, the font download prompt comes up. I suppose
that doesn't mean the font is actually downloaded again,
but if I say "No" to the prompt, the font isn't used.

-- Jeff, in Minneapolis

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Related Solutions

October 5, 2014 at 14:55:30
Jeff Root,

Computing.Net uses "icon fonts" for a lot of the logos, etc on the site. That is why you are seeing odd characters when you don't download the font. Icon fonts are very useful for retina and other high density displays because they are based on vectors. This means they can be infinitely enlarged without decreasing any sharpness. Had we be using regular images, they would become blurrier on high resolution displays.

The downside is that the fonts must be downloaded to view the page. If you are OK with how the page looks without the icons, you don't need to download them. Its not required to use the site. Not that much of the site's icons required for functionality depend on them.


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October 5, 2014 at 17:17:44

Apparently you moved this thread to some other part of while I was composing this reply. When I hit the Submit button I got an error message. So I retyped the reply, hit the button again, and that reply vanished, too. That's when I figured out you moved the thread, and refreshed the page. Then I had to get to the thread by clicking on the link in the list of Tracked Posts. This time I'll save what I've typed before hitting the Submit button, though.

I'm not seeing any odd characters when I don't allow the font download. When the font *does* download, I see the double-headed "I" in "GUIDE", obviously as intended. That bit of the header is the only change when the font downloads. All the little pictures are identical with or without the downloaded font.

-- Jeff, in Minneapolis

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October 8, 2014 at 14:41:40

This is quite normal, which is why the default is "Enable" - to stop you getting pestered and to ensure you see the website exactly as intended.

If you say "Yes" the fonts will not remain on your computer so you will still be asked again next time.

On my Win 8.1 I did try looking for the font names in temporary internet files (and other temporary folders) but there were no tangible font files to grab. In any event if that's the way the website works it is still possible that you would continue to get asked.

I wonder why you don't just accept the default IE setting. I know of no virus that is injected using fonts files themselves (they are not program files). Is there some other reason you changed this setting to Prompt?

Of-course, if you download font files from an untrustworthy source then you might get all sorts of other files besides.

Always pop back and let us know the outcome - thanks

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October 9, 2014 at 08:39:28
Jeff Root,

Sorry about that! I guess you happened to load it in the brief time period between when I responded and when I moved it.

By weird characters, I mean exactly what you are seeing: a letter or number instead of an icon or logo. I can't remember all the places the icon-font is used, but, the header is definitely the primary location.


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