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Dell / Latitude e6410
May 11, 2014 at 13:33:28
Specs: Windows 7 Professional 64-Bit, Intel Core i7 M620 2.66 GHz / 4 GB DDR3
Hey everyone,
So, me and my IT Boss have been working for years with Dell computers. We've stood by them for some time. My boss is a "premiere" member with Dell and also gets special discounts when he buys equipment from them. However, nowadays, we're starting to question Dell's build quality in some models, but more importantly, their support. It often is a huge hassle to get warranty replacement parts for clients, and getting any sort of phone support usually results in talking to some guy in India for 3 hours. So, we're considering switching to another company, potentially HP or Lenovo, but we haven't decided yet.

So, my question is to other IT people out there, what brand of computers do you sell to clients? And for what reason? Also, even if you're a home user, what is your favorite computer and who is it made by? Also any support stories you have with various computer manufacturers would be awesome too. Thanks everyone!

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May 11, 2014 at 16:52:19
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I've always loved the build quality of Lenovo business class laptops. Their commercial offerings are a bit . . . well, they're bad. It might have improved in recent years, but I'll stand by the T440s. Haven't tried their customer service; I feel like it's bad, but I'm not sure where I got that impression.

HP was winning the race to the bottom. I'm not sure how / if they rebounded since then. I liked the business class laptops, but that was going on 10 years ago. My employer uses HP servers. Their customer service sucked unless your company was large enough to automatically bypass the level 1 support. Then they went with outsourced to India support, and it sucked for everyone. Then HP said you won't be able to access their server support resources unless you have a contract with HP, but they never followed up on it.

I find Dell's laptops to be on the cheap side. Particularly their HDDs. And their keyboards. Workstations are great, though. I haven't heard of any major issue with their tech support, but then again my employer's big enough to bypass some of the rules.

EDIT: I should probably mention Apple's computers are an option if money is no object and the laptops doesn't need to interact with anything controlled by standards outside of Apple's direct control.

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