Annoying irrelevant google hit from this site

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May 21, 2011 at 03:52:51
Specs: Windows 7007, 4Gb
Hi Geeks =O)

Seems that this forum's web admins has twisted up the search engine optimizations for this forum real bad (your own search function is pretty much in the same league).

Totally irrelevant hits (from) here, the thought with a google search is imo to not have to search through 6782 threads manually.

My google search:
"emachines 350" bios settings "windows 7 installation"

My search here:
"emachines 350"
emachines AND 350
gives me 6281 hits... very beautiful!

Am i missing some skillful search method/syntax or what?

BTW; English is not my native, but i think u get the picture anyway.

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May 21, 2011 at 07:36:27
Angel Decoy
... there is logic to this madness!
Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr... .im

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May 21, 2011 at 08:16:35
"Am i missing some skillful search method/syntax or what?"

The problem is with you, not with the search engines or this site. Did you ever hear the phrase, "garbage in, garbage out"? Your search results will only be as good as the info you provide. For instance, what's an "emachines 350"? Sounds like an engine I had in my old Chevy. Do you mean "eMachines eM350-2074 Netbook"?

It appears that it originally came with WinXP & only has 1GB RAM. Hopefully you realize Win7 will perform poorly with that amount. Do you have an external DVD drive? All you need to do is enter the BIOS, change the boot order so that the USB device is listed before the HDD, then boot off the DVD & perform the installation. IMO, if you haven't upgraded the RAM, it's a bad move, but some people have to learn the hard way. Even if you do upgrade the RAM, your netbook only has one memory slot & 2GB is the max.

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May 21, 2011 at 15:03:32
Thanks for the link man =)

The search engines works just fine, the hick-up's was the results they produced. E.g. search engine optimizations and the way search engines is set.

Your tone/approach appears pretty arrogant to me, so i wasn't expecting the second half of your reply :)

I didn't needed to be more specific than that, i needed info about BIOS settings for the emachines 350 model in general (NOT about how to install on a netbook in general or on a specific 350 model).

The Win7 install media boot error was because of a BIOS setting for the SATA mode options. AHCI mode didn't work (which was a default). When switched to IDE mode my day was made.

Whether to install Win7 or not, size of RAM, fleece's on aunt Greta's back... i wanted to get pass this error :)

Yes, sir! I've got:
USB-DVD drive
Win7 install media
Win 7 all version USB boot pendrive
2GB DDR2 800 module (not installed during install, generally might produce error, at least on Asus's)
More time... :)

You don't have to enter BIOS to start from other media, just hit the key for boot menu, F12 in this case.

I'm not a novis at installing, partitioning, imageing asf. And, i still think the searches sux, sory =)

After a good while i found relevant info:

NOW i got my new system (Win7 Home Premium SP1 32-bit) up and running, works pretty well. Still to do; install wanted software, Win Update, some system tweaks and optimizations. Maybe i ghost this system to a SSD drive later too.

Thanks for the links thou! :P

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