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Open Solaris 10.1 Installation not completed Successfully

January 28, 2015 at 05:47:17
Specs: Open Solaris 10.1
Hello Friends,
I want to Install Multiple Operating Systems on my Machine.
Machine Config: Intel Core(TM)2 CPU E7500, speed:2.93 ghz
RAM : 4gb

For that I had done Partition Using tool Gparted Live cd.
Firstly I had installed Windows7 on first primary partition.
Now I want to Install Solaris On 2nd Partition..
For that I had done all preliminary stages of installation after I selected 2nd primary ex3 parttion for Installation of Open Solaris and when said Install I get error message saying "Installation Failed" Open solaris Installation did not complete normally. and generate log files .

Log Files Contents :

<OM Jan 27 21:09:02> Timezone setting will be TZ=UTC
<OM Jan 27 21:09:02> Set timezone
<OM Jan 27 21:09:05> System reports enough physical memory for installation, swap is optional
<OM Jan 27 21:09:51> disk partition info changed
<OM Jan 27 15:39:56> Timezone setting will be TZ=Asia/Kolkata
<OM Jan 27 15:39:56> Set timezone
<OM Jan 27 15:40:34> Disk was changed
<OM Jan 27 15:40:34> Disk contains valid Solaris partition
<OM Jan 27 15:40:34> whole_disk = 0
<OM Jan 27 15:40:34> diskname set = c7d0
<OM Jan 27 15:40:34> Set fdisk attrs
<TIDM_E Jan 27 15:40:34> fdisk: fdisk -n -F failed. Couldn't create fdisk partition table on disk c7d0
<TIMM_E Jan 27 15:40:34> Couldn't create fdisk partition table on disk <c7d0>
<OM Jan 27 15:40:34> Could not create fdisk target
<OM Jan 27 15:40:34> TI process failed
<OM Jan 27 15:40:34> Target instantiation failed exit_val=-1

please reply me fast if possible ..
Thanks in Advance .

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January 29, 2015 at 01:03:02
Although this link refers to an earlier version of Solaris it might be trying the solution in it:

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