ZoneAlarm 10.0.250. wont work on XP

August 7, 2011 at 07:59:17
Specs: Windows XP to SP 3, 2.40GHz with 2GB
I tried asking for help on ZA forum but my situation was chopped to a couple of lines and said there were no problems with using it on XP !

Problem: I installed the latest Zone Alarm security

Computer froze froze and could not do anything with the computer I was forced to hard boot it (switch off at the mains). Not even Ctr+Alt+Del would work.

On reboot, the XP ‘Welcome’ window appeared and then the background /tile but nothing else! No programs nothing except ‘Start’ button and that didn’t work nor Ctr+Alt+Del .
Hard boot again and launch in safe mode, restore to earlier restore point in Windows - (thank God) and I got my computer back but without Zone Alarm.

I uninstalled the Zone Alarm with using ZA ‘clean’ tool.
Downloaded latest Zone Alarm security with no ZA and Firewall switched off.
Installed Zone Alarm security and this time it completed installation and switched off – restarted but no ZA could be seen !
Task Manager says it was working but invisible to taskbar as was everything else.
Could run MS programs but no ZA.
Tried to restart i.e switch of and restart and the computer hangs!

Restored system to earlier time and I uninstalled the Zone Alarm with using ZA ‘clean’ tool.
Downloaded older Zone Alarm security BEFORE and everything works ok.

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August 7, 2011 at 15:34:05
No idea why it won't run, if you can't get things to work properly, I use this combination.

Windows firewall, MSE & put a stronger password on my router.

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August 9, 2011 at 02:11:41
No - The firewall is not the issue as MS Firewall is not used. The only change that has been made is the upgrade on ZoneAlarm. When I posted the problem on the ZoneAlarm Forum it was heavily censored so now it makes me think they are in collusion with ZA (not to report failures in the update).
Hence asking the question here.
What I haven’t said is that due to another produce sold by Zone Alarm (PC Tuneup) was installed on my computer last year which corrupted the registry so that I had to reformat the computer and re-install everything back to factory settings and ad all the Updates to SP3 – a 2 week job when you are runninga business full time. Just another reason to be hacked off with ZoneAlarm.
Support from Zone Alarm say you will just have to wait for the next version (which they are working on) – sorry can’t help.
I run 2 other computers with XP and until I can find out why it causes the computer to hang both on start up and shutdown . I am surely not going to install it on those.

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August 9, 2011 at 03:12:03
"No - The firewall is not the issue as MS Firewall is not used"

My message was, that there is no need for ZoneAlarm.

Use the MS Firewall & MSE, both are FREE.

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