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Zone Alarm Causes My Computer To Crash

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After installing Zone Alarm on my computer, my laptop shows a blue screen saying there was an error and physical memory is being dumped. Then my computer restarts and shows the same screen. This keeps happening over and over until I shut down my laptop. I restarted my laptop in safe mode and uninstalled Zone Alarm and there seemed to be no problem after that. But I don’t understand why my computer wont work with Zone Alarm?


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  1. Right, i have observed this behaviour with ZoneAlarm on many laptops, i have never had an issue with this on desktop computers, however this is probably because the desktops are well spec’ed.

    On the laptops i have been able to overcome this problem by increasing the amount of RAM installed.

    You should check the mininum system requirements for ZA and then see if your laptop meetst he minimum requirements.

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