Winiblue removal issue

May 8, 2009 at 09:56:59
Specs: Windows Vista

When i was browsing the web accidentally came across some system alert and accidentally clicked yes instead of no,and that installed winiblue trial version on to my system. Realizing that it was an unnecessary install, I uninstalled it through add/remove programs from control panel. winiblue is now nowhere physically as far as i know but still,All of a sudden i started getting system messages like your computer is out of memory,some sypware,password stealer or trojan has been detected and you have to install winiblue, And i tried selecting "change the way the security center alerts me" option in windows security center,but all i get is a small window with a msg "Install winiblue(recommended)". Then i started searching the web about winiblue and found the best way to remove it is not through add/remove programs, so what do i do now?please help me get rid of this...

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May 8, 2009 at 13:03:55
Nevamind i got it figured out guys, all you have to do is open task manager and you will find a process by name setup2.exe running,right click on it and select end process and then click yes/end process(when it asks for confirmation). And go to C:\Windows\System32 and manually delete setup2.exe with creation date as same as the day or time you started facing the winiblue issue.

Note:One more tip is that when you select setup2.exe in task manager before ending the process,just remember to check out its properties it should say it is a security center process or program. and the created date sh'd match the date since when you started having these problems. For eg: I started having this issue on 5/6/2009 around 5pm and the creation date of this setup2.exe was exactly the same and I know for sure that i havent installed/uninstalled anything around that time except for winiblue so i was pretty sure this was the process responsible for all the fake alerts. But if you are not sure please don't follow this method,or else you might remove something important. And also use this method only when you have uninstalled winiblue through add/remove programs app and you are still facing the fake alerts,like windows is out of memory save your data and close windows or fake alerts like your system hav been infected by some spyware or password stealer or trojan or virus and do you want winiblue to block this etc.,

Once again my system is free of all false alerts and security centre works fine too. yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

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May 8, 2009 at 22:58:16
WiniBlue Sofwtare is another rogue spyware fake program just like ANTI SPYWARE XP or Personal Defender 2009. Wini Blue Software can be removed using manual removal guide or by installing an anti spyware program. read this article

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