What is this system variable for?

December 1, 2010 at 05:19:14
Specs: Windows Vista
I found this file -


- in my computer system properties. what is this file and is it a virus?

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March 20, 2011 at 13:02:00
IT is the comcast's manassas virginia test server network that allows test technologies the go unchecked be-remotely downloaded into some unsuspecting person's pc, in order to destroy their lives, ...oops, that is what some felony ass did to me using this server and this newsgroup technology ...they stuck a sniffer on about 8 servers plus, using a pkeyconfig ...that I can't remove or get rid of. As for your problem, just delete the variable user profile in your user account controls, (boot up in safemode-a luxury that some scared felony coward took away from my pc) and after deleting it from your system, go into your registry, delete it ...And just incase, do a system restore with a point prior to the infringement. THEN when your done, type netsh dump in dos, and then type netsh show helper, then type netsh delete helper and all of the helper names ESPECIALLY the P2P helper ...that is a peer administration group, and the authfwcfg, the remote firewall socket ass and the wlancfg, the wireless celllphone protocol back door connection.
CLOSE off the SOCKET ports. AND run an anti malware and install a REAL FIRE WALL! (note if you are using mozzilla, do yourself a favor ...use the stopzilla virus protection and then happy computing) ...Me NOT SO LUCKY ...someone WON't stop 10 harddrives, over 100 crashed systems and STILL NO ONE has the BALLS to step up and FIX MY NIGHTMARE!

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