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Toshiba / Satellite l305
October 8, 2009 at 11:52:19
Specs: Microsoft Windows Vista Home Premium, 2 GHz / 3963 MB
Ok first question, Can viruses, trojans and worms travel through a home network to another computer if file sharing is on but not being used?
Had an issue with my son's laptop that I have been trying to sort out. He had around 150 trojans, worms and invalid registry entries. I tried to keep my laptop shutdown when working on his but there were times when it was easier to keep mine online. I downloaded scanners from kaspersky as well as malware bytes and burned them to disc to use on his computer.
the reason I ask about them traveling through home network is the best I can figure he picked up the first problem with his laptop in August. For the last 2 or 3 weeks I have been having problems with internet explorer erroring on mine. The page cannot load and such. Refreshing the page usually works. Today I was playing a game and waiting for the process of planting to finish so I had opened a new browser window and was reading the game forums. I went to check on game progress and found that it had been redirected to suddenlink.net search page website suggestions and the following was in the search box watermelonfun.cn pid 305s02 sid b38771
I shut down the browser windows I had opened and ran a quick scan with norton 360 which only found a trracking cookie.
Launched and ran malwarebytes quick scan and it came back with the hijack.desktop properties.
Any ideas? I am so frustrated after almost a week of working on my son's laptop in my spare time now do I have to start on mine?
Thank you in advance.

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October 8, 2009 at 14:37:31
They most certainly can traverse a home network. I'd suggest taking your son's laptop off-line and reinstalling the OS on a formatted drive. it's in such a mess you'll never be certain it's cleaned up otherwise. I've never had to format/reinstall an OS, so I don't give the advice lightly. Then you can start on yours - and don't forget your PC might reinfect his. You need to get BOTH cleaned up before re-establishing your network.

Both PCs need a good antivirus and firewall. The Vista firewall is reasonably good inbound, but useless outbound, so a clever trojan can easily spread itself around a network. Best sort of firewall is one built into a good quality router.

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October 8, 2009 at 18:43:37
Thank you for the response. I have been keeping my son's computer off unless I am working on it. I figured I would need to format his hard drive and reinstall xp on it but was trying to make sure I got it as clean as possible before doing that. I worried that even with a format something could hide out and come back. I have formatted and reinstalled OS on desktops previously so I am familiar with the process. It really isn't hard just takes time and patience.
I was hoping not to have to go that drastic on my own since it is only about a year old. But if it needs to be done I have the disc to do so.
I always make sure to keep an internet security. Back with Norton now. Was using the windows live onecare but when it came time to renew I went back with the Norton 360 Premier. Which I had not installed on his yet since for some weird reason his windows live subscription had not expired yet even though mine had. Although the issues on his had disabled the antivirus and firewall as well as auto updates.
We use a linksys wireless router and I have not checked to see if it has an active firewall. Will go check on that.
Thank you again and if you think of anything else let me know. I like working on the computers but get frustrated with it since I have to do so in my spare time.

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October 9, 2009 at 00:41:08
Good luck - I hope you get it sorted out. Some further thoughts - seriously consider using a more secure browser, at the very least for your son. IE8 is much better in that respect than previous releases, but in the way that a light cold is better than a heavy one! I'd suggest Firefox or Opera (which I use currently). Bear in mind that far fewer malware iitems are targeted at independent browsers, so they're safer right off. Your son sounds like the "see it, click on it" type to get that many infections - check if he's into P2P sharing too - an excellent way to pick up well-packaged malware, especially for the naive or careless. A bit early I know, but here's wishing you a trojan-free christmas!

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Related Solutions

October 9, 2009 at 09:18:20
One thing to think about, If you actually do get this virus/worm removed, there is realy no reason to reformat these computers.

In my experance I have found that symantecs is a great place for referance into how to remove the crap that gets into our systems. Their Corp edition of products work very well, their products for the home user can cause more problems that they help. Remember that just scanning an deleting what it finds is not always all it takes to fix issues.

IMHO my recomadations for keeping __it out are:

Avast Home Edition - Don't forget to register with them, and it updates itself daily

Spywareblaster - you have to manually update if you want it for FREE

Spybot Search & Destroy - maunal upday and scan, don;t forget to Immunize

Advanced System Care

Google each and you will find them
and as always they are FREE.

I was reformatting HDs every six months from young ones getting SWAG from the internet. since using these I have not re-formatted a computer in over 4 years.
If they use Limewire, don't allow them to upload. Only download.
insure your wireless router is secured (encrypted) 64bit is good enough.

Remember to turn off the system restore prior to scanning when you know you have a virus.
Turn it back on after your finished and rebooted a few times
Lots of Luck
just my 2c

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