virus Windows XP security 2010

June 28, 2011 at 23:24:03
Specs: Windows XP
Please help me get rid of "Windows XP security 2012 Virus that is on my computer.

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June 28, 2011 at 23:28:50
Sorry its not 2010 its suppose to be 2012 , WINDOWS XP SECURITY 2012 is the virus that is effecting my computer, it will not allow me to do anything open files , go online, currently I have lost all my files , photos etc... Please help me to figure out how to get this virus out of my computer and Please help me to locate if possible my original computer , before this virus popped up 4 days ago, Thanks !

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June 29, 2011 at 01:36:05
The first, & simplest, thing to try is a System Restore back to 5 days ago, ie before the problem appeared. Run it from safe mode - tap F8 as the system is booting up, choose 'safe mode' from the menu and when prompted choose the option to start System Restore. If that works, download and run Malwarebytes (it's free) to remove any remaining files.

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June 29, 2011 at 17:26:47
Hi, johnr,
Thank you so much for responding to help me! First let me apologize , I was upset last night , due to this issue on my computer. I am very careful about NOT downloading from certian sites on my desktop because I use it for my schooling and never wanted any issues . Now my laptop I use for personal. So my desktop now currently is so messed up I am in shock and pissed off at the same time. But here is exactly what took place . I really would LOVE any HELP PLEASE from the bottom of my heart to restore (IFPOSSIBLE) my computer back !
Thursday night I was given a copy of Windows 7 , that I was told was a legal copy ! I started all the process of the cd instructions on compatability test , transfering file wizard, then started to install the program after which it stop after 10 seconds with a pop up saying that this cd was missing files and to restart it, so I did , same pop came up , so I was tired and figured I call the person and ask what was up with cd in the morning and went to work , forgot about it came home on Friday afternoon.
I started my computer and was doing some legal research through my school online class web site. Suddenly this pop up appears the "Window XP Security 2012" and the pop ups listed a threat to computer the stealth intrusion etc. To buy the program etc.... I thought at first it was real , but wondered how it got on my computer, then figured with Micro soft Essentials and updates scheduled on my computer it must have been detected throuh those . But I tried to proceed with out protection and was denied , noticed on my right corner where my essentials and other icons are now were missing , I was denied access to internet on my sprint card and could not locate it anywhere for a while until I went to my nieghbors house and looked up this Windows 2012 , and was then aware of what was taking place on my computer. So I tried this steps / methonds I found on
System retore, I did it twice and still had the virus.
then I went to safe mode with networking to download a program they suggest "rkill"
but was unable to do it . Then I went to nieghbors computer and downloaded it to a USB flash drive and was unableto download it on my computer. from the card . would not readit or reconginze the usb flash drive on my computer , it was determined a threat so it kept stopping the download. then from my normal desktop I went to start and run typed in iexplore and after several hours finally got online but wads never able to go to any file , site etc.. I tried to open my files & photos to copy them from the transfer file I set up prior to all this and was denied access due to this virus , So I tried the same start ,run, iexplore in safe mode with networking and was unable to get on line . then tried the date ahead 7 days nothing , in fact everytime I left to go next door to research it more look for more help , every time I came back it was worst than before,..So this all was through Fri-Sunday.
Monday I was so frustrated I finally decieded to restore my computer to factory with the Dell restore Cds , But theystarted & suddenly stop witha "ghost " something message stating i needed to contact a Dell Tech because the cd could not install or proceed . Twice i put in cd 1 and both times same message .
Then I tried to reboot up and it would not start
So i figured i would try windows xp cds that came with my computer to fix issues caused by virus or my mistakes in using restore cd since a virus in computer might have been reason why , and it repaired or so it said it was repairing my computer and when it finished I was in safe mode and " not"Angelooker"or even "adminstrator"
was on my new safe mode desktop, . I am lost now on what to do, I am hoping that with my limited knowledge of computers , but somewhere always remembering that even when people think they have removed or deleted something on thier computer it is still usually init somewhere on the hard drive. I am willing to locate a proffesioal if needed because i really dont want to lose all my files if possible . thanks for taking the time to help me with this . Angelooker.

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June 29, 2011 at 20:25:42

If I understand you correctly, you repaired the Windows XP installation, and now your user account, as well as the Administrator account, do not show up in Safe Mode. Is that the case?

Is XP Home or XP Pro installed?

Can you boot the computer to Windows normally, or, only to Safe Mode?

Is a logon screen showing?

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June 30, 2011 at 09:22:43
Hi ,
Yes both my accounts Angelooker & Administrator are gone and it reboot from the repair in safe mode . I am not sure if that is a normal way a computer boots up from a repair but it took me a ferw hours to get it out of safe mode and it looks like it still is in safe mode , my screen is like a kiddie cartoon ( thats what safe mode reminds me of).
I am running Windows XP Home .
Yes I can boot it normally , but the screen still looks like in safe mode, like I stated above.
No, a logon screen is not showing and I tried running spy doctor will not let me or the rkill program. , both were download to a USB by a friend and she bought them over last night , but my computer will not run them, gives me a warning sign . Its reminding me of what started last week , like its spreading all over in my computer again if that makes sense.
thanks . for your time helping me with this I really appericate it .

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