Solved virus stopping software from installing or running solution

June 22, 2017 at 11:33:30
Specs: Windows 10
You need to run the beta Marlwarebytes mbar.exe root kit file... link listed below.

Some of the virus / trojan horse files are cte, netutils2016 c:\windows\system32\tprdpw64.exe, new folder called ntuserlitelist with two unwanted executables datatupexe and svcmx.exe, X38DP934Y.exe, winvmx client and vmxclient.exe

There is only 1 fix to this problem. Everywhere you search online, you will read instructions about booting to safe mode then... or uninstall reinstall...

No. Most computer savvy ppl locate the executable files that are not suppose to be in their pc but can't figure out why they can't remove them, why anti-virus software won't delete them or even run and why they their pc is blocked from even downloading any form of anti-virus software.

Here is the problem and the fix:

Problem is not the executables. Problem is two .zip files in the system32/temp/ folder and if you notice, you are blocked from deleting these files even if you manage somehow to delete the executables.

If you still have any anti-virus software on you pc it sometimes catches the executables but because most ppl don't know to make sure their software is set to check archive files and zip files are in that category, the system32/temp/ zip files are still there.

So here is lies the problem: everytime you restart your pc, these zips files are going to activate and the problem starts all over again.

The fix, to my surprise, after talking to Microsoft, AVG, Macffee, Norton, Avast and other smaller companies actually comes from Malwarebytes.

Its a rootkit update mbar.exe that gets rid of these zip files:

Took me a week to get this resovled after almost deciding to whack my hard-drive. Go ahead and run CCleaner and install some anti-virus software when you are done.

I made sure it was all gone and it was.. Thank you Malwarebytes!

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June 22, 2017 at 20:46:07
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You started out in a way that I was not sure if you were answering a question or asking one but that got straightened out by the middle of it. I hope that this helps out some people. I always recommend setting Malwarebytes to "Scan for RootKits" which appears to be what helped you in the end. This proves that a good free program proves its usefulness everyday while some companies make money off patched together (and repatched) antique software and carry a reputation proportional to their advertising budget while doing little good. This does not mean there is no good pay for AV software but there are those making money for little effort (in my opinion).

You have to be a little bit crazy to keep you from going insane.

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