virus stealing money off my broadband modem ?

April 22, 2011 at 20:34:07
Specs: Windows XP, what?

I think I've got a strange virus of some sort that is nicking money out of my broadband account somehow.
When I click to connect, it takes a while to connect ( 30-90 seconds), and when 5 green signal strength bars appear, I go for mozella firefox which takes utter ages (2-3 minutes), and when I finally get it, I get a pop up bar in the bottom right hand corner saying that I 'have no signal strength and to click here to fix the problem', and also my modem window at the top of the screen will show a valid 'no signal' message with no green bars, so I click the pop up, and all is fixed, then 10 seconds later it does the same, ad infinitum. But I know that I have the signal strength and I've noticed that if I totally ignore the pop up and modem message, that I can just continue working. And after using $14 in 2 days and hardly touching the computer, I was wondering if every time I click the pop up if it is reconnecting me and therefor costing me in some way, or if every time I click the pop up, if some of my moneys dissapearing somehow, because when I disconect, it will say it is trying to disconect, but it will sit there in limbo for minutes if I let it and I cannt click onto it at all, which seems so strange, that I'm rather suspicious and deliberately tell the computer I'm disconnecting, and manually disconnect even though the modem is still (theoretically) trying to disconnect. Does this sound strange in any way, or do I have a modem problem of some sort.

I do not have anti virus because I have no idea how to install it. When people actually write instructions in 'COMPUTER BABY TALK', then I might actually understand it and put it on.

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April 23, 2011 at 05:12:54
Are you using a wireless router?

If so, is it security enabled?

As for installing anti virus, just go to a free anti virus site download, then run following the instructions.

for example Microsoft security essentials

A thank you would be nice, if I have helped.

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