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Virus issue - unable to start Windows 7 on HP laptop

Hewlett-packard Probook 4520s 15.6
February 27, 2012 at 20:25:59
Specs: Windows 7, intel core i3-330m/4GB 1333mhz ddr
HP Probook - Windows 7 - Virus Issue

What appears to have been a Virus that appeared remarkably similar to my AVG antivirus told me I had a virus and to quarantine and that it needed t reboot.

I allowed it to do so then was unable to access any of my files but could access windows... finally managed to get around it ad connect through windows help window and download another free virus sampler which appeared to resolve for a day

Then the laptop was unable to boot to windows. It just sits there blank screened unless i hit esc it then loads to Bios only - no safe mode no nothing windows related. Have run all the disk/memory scans it lists there. unable to restroe to last partition as they are deleted.

Have downloaded boot disks galore and had no luck. Finally downloaded kaspersky and was able to see that my files are all still intact they are just hidden by the virus also it seems to have deleted all my partitions.

I have since spoken with kaspersky customer service and and have been able to load ubuntu? OS so I can see the files and manipulate them (ie: copy them to cd/external HD) but I am hoping to avoid restoring to factory settings if unnecessary

Sounds silly but also want to avoid purchasing the $9.95 windows 7 boot disks i keep getting referred to as I am a broke ass single student who just moved to australia from new zealand and really just need my laptop working for study and to run my small business (i import and sell balinese jewelry). PLZ Help!!! This has really been stressing me out for about 5 days now.

I have attached the external HD now and am copying my files (music/doc's etc bit by bit)

where do i go from here?


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February 27, 2012 at 23:09:45
Since you have Ubuntu loaded & you can see your files, can you see the recovery partition?

Run fdisk -l (that's an L for list)

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