Virus is runing my comp . Please Help =(

April 12, 2010 at 19:25:37
Specs: Windows XP, Q6600 Quad Core / 3.5gigs of Ram
I have no idea how , but my comp got infected with a virus and i cant take it off. ( no i dont download porn )

It wont let me download any anti-virus , every time i try when the anti-virus needs to be updated ( so it can finish installing ) it says cannot connect to server , i use to have avg ( free version ) but it wouldn't find anything when i scanned ( even though if i left my comp on for 2hrs , bunch of threats will come out ) so i decided to reinstall it but couldn't install it back.

Now i try restoring my comp , that (bleep) doesnt work either , after i pick a date , my comp restarts , and a message pops up saying there was a error while trying to restore

Anyone know what i can do? i really dont wanna reformat , got way to much music

Symptoms are -

- comp going real slow
- random internet explore browsers opening up ( i use firefox)
- every time i try installing an anti-virus program , while the installation is in the steps of update , a error comes up telling me im no connected to the internet

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April 13, 2010 at 08:22:53
As I understsand you are facing problem with your system, these are the steps, which may help you out if followed:

1.) Since your system is slow, try cleaning all your Temporary files and Cookies. There is a wonderful utility in internet "Ccleaner" which is used to free your Temporary files and fix Registry problems. Download it and install it.

2.) Since you are using AVG, I recommend you to Unistall it and Install updated version "Bit Defender"or "Kaspersky" or "Avasrt" Antivirus (Make sure that you're using only one Antivirus in your system)

3.)If you're not able to update automatically from internet, you can update your Anti Virus Manually, by downloading the update file from the respective website in another Machine, transfer to your machine and install it.

4.) Once you Update your Antivirus, Scan entire machine with newly updated Anti-Virus

5.) Download and install good Anti-Malware application;
And as I suggest Download "Malwarebytes Antimalware" from Install it and run it.

6.) Once you are done with it Reboot your machine.

Thank you :-)

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