Virus disabling other antivirus software?

Hewlett-packard G60-235dx notebook
January 27, 2010 at 19:52:42
Specs: Windows Vista

I've had my computer since February 2009, and it's been, well let's say, not too great.

In October or so, I received a virus that, at first, caused antivirus programs to stop working. At the time I had Norton 360 and MBAM, which both stopped working. Then, programs I used the most stopped working. Safari at first, then I resorted to Firefox, then lastly Internet Exlporer. I booted into safe mode with networking. Everything worked fine, programs loaded and everything, but antivirus programs still didnt. I lived in safe mode for around a month and a half until I sent my computer to Geeksquad. They then sent it to HP to basically restore my laptop to factory settings, and then Geeksquad removed the infected files and registry keys.

I recieved my laptop January 10th.

When I play xbox live, I use my laptop as a router, and use an ethernet cable to connect my xbox to my laptop. I noticed I started lagging on xbox live, but my connection on my computer said I still had 5/5 bars. So, I just rebooted. When Norton started up, I received a notification saying "Intrusion protection is off, turn on now?" So I did, and hit apply, and it just switched right back off. So I went onto Symantec Support, and it told me to remove Norton using the Norton Uninstaller. However, I had a 60 day trial, and cannot install it again. I tried running MBAM, but when I tried opening it, two windows popped up. The first saying "runtime error '0'" and the second saying "Run-time error '440': Automation error." Now what is peculiar is, the second window's "title" if you will, (the name at the top of the window, on the same line as the maximize and 'X' buttons)is "Malware-Bytes Antimalware". However, the first window's "title" says "vbAccelerator SGrid II Cont.. and so on, I cannot read the rest. This may not be significant, but it just seems..weird. Also, windows defender is disabled and out of date, and firewall is turned off.

So! Currently I am without any working antivirus software. I went onto mcafee and downloaded both the Klez and Bugbear removal tools, the results showed up negative. So now I have no idea what to do.

ANY help is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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January 28, 2010 at 03:38:10
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