Virus blocking internet access

August 3, 2010 at 19:09:43
Specs: Windows XP
Please keep in mind I'm quite a noob here... here's the background info:

My Norton antivirus expired years ago and in its place I have AVG, which I almost never update. I get occasional warnings of viruses, and AVG is rarely able to perform my "heal" or "remove" commands, however the viruses never do anything, so I let it be...

Anyway, Windows security alerts was bugging me for updates, so on July 30, against my better judgement, I ran the update and some service pack gets installed. Next thing, AVG is constantly alerting me of dozens of trojans (without being able to do anything about it as usual), and at some point my wireless internet connection fails (it is constantly in "acquiring network address" mode). Same problem even if I plug directly to modem.

I've ran into minor virus trouble before so I do the simplest thing I know that works - system restore. The process goes all the way through to reboot, but after logging in, it tells me "restoration not complete, cannot be restored to such and such date".

Today (Aug 3) someone told me to turn off the antivirus before trying again (never had to do that before), but this time, the restore points are unavailable altogether... I have a restore point for Aug 2, but nothing before that... which is kind of useless since the s--- storm began July 30...

Now I'm really screwed!!

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August 4, 2010 at 20:08:16
First off, you realllly need to practice better computer maintenance. Secondly, your restore points could be crippled from the viruses you had, so, I wouldn't use them. Many people rely on System Restore as either their main defense or a quick fix when getting a virus, which usually is a bad idea, because viruses can cripple those. You should also get rid of AVG and use Avast, or Kaspersky. I would first try resetting your Host file back to the default by using Hostxpert found here:

And then booting into Safe Mode (f8), and doing a full scan with Malware Bytes which, I would redownload and update:

If that doesn't work, try using Rkill found here: (Do Not reboot after running Rkill, as this will cause the malware to restart their processes on your system).

And then scanning with Hitman Pro or Trojan Remover (Hitman Pro cannot be run in Safe Mode).

Hitman Pro:

Trojan Remover:

As for your Windows update problem. Just you know, when service pack 3 first came out, I too upgraded to that, and when using AVG got a ton of warnings (at least 17) about trojans.

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